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1 point

of course! If you wrote part of a sentence that went "Katy did", it can be changed to "Katydid", therefor chaining the whole meaning from a girl who did something to an insect that lives in shrubs, bushes, and trees.

0 points

As a female, I do think that women would be good presidents. Well, can. Every sex, race, and religious groups will have at least one worthy candidate.

Chromosomes are by chance, so women should not be considered less because of the way they were born.

Male dominance with their strength and because the bible considered women to be lesser than men is not the full reason for those of you who argue that- it is simply because

1. there are racist and judging people who vote for people who believe their beliefs

2.habits are hard to break (with the whole only Caucasians were able to run thing)

3. the right candidate hasn't be found yet

1 point

Independence is a common argument, but despite that, I think that boarding schools aren't all that great.

For one, being separated from you're family is a very sad thing- especially if you are going through some trouble. Calling them isn't the same as a hug.

For the independence issue, you can get as much independent at home as you can in school- chores! Just have you're child be entrusted with more responsibility- and boom! Independence.

0 points

I think that it can be effective- kindergartners are reading and writing with it. The way it was deployed though was terrible- 12th graders used to the old standards are thrown with new ones and new ways of learning. By throwing away the old standards, it confuses students who have adapted to certain standards and ways of learning. It should have been given to only the kindergartners and then so-forth, because then it would be new material that they can adapt to more easily.

1 point

The Murderer should have severer penalties, because the family was likely unarmed and unable to preform any self defense. A cop will likely have a un, which can be used in this situation, or even know combat.

For the criminal attacking defenseless and innocent beings, their sentence should be longer, though I do believe that any murderer should go through rehabilitation.

1 point

Think about it: Five lives over one. I would save the 5 people because they are helpless against the moving train and I would save the majority of lives. The 1 person would probably notice the train- I mean, its only practical. A person is bound to move away once they experienced the stimulus. They obviously would be looking around and would see at least the light.

I would rather chance one life than know that 5 people will definitely die.

1 point

Money cannot buy happiness. Think of monks- studies show that they are the happiest people in the world, though they receive little. They live simple lives, and feel content with themselves Why, may you ask?

For one, without much, you are more grateful when you receive something. When a child receives carrots at the dinner table, many may throw a fit over eating the vegetable. But if a monk receives the veggie, they will be grateful for the freshly grown produce.

When you have much, you develop a sense of greed; you always will want more than what you have. I honestly have a lot, and sometimes may feel greed, but I try to stop myself.

Many people want to keep spending and spending, but the monks survive with little. They are happy. Rich millionaires are probably more down than happy because of greed. I'm not saying that all people have greed; just that greed is a poison most of us will experience.

I have to agree though that people do need a little money for food, shelter, and water; three of the four necessities of life.

2 points

Music is very enjoyable, but it just isn't practical to allow students to listen to music- wait, scratch that. Music is a fun treat, and can be used during recesses, or maybe for fun activities or parties in the classroom, or maybe even if the teacher just feel like putting it on. However, if students were always listening to music, inappropriate context is obviously a concern. It may not be a big deal for 12th graders, but what about 1st graders? If one child in a classroom is exposed to language or other, well, things…….other first graders could pick it up and soon all of the parents will be angry that their child knows such bad language and context!

I'm not saying that music is a bad thing- in fact, its a great thing! Songs can be used to help certain students learn, but the fact that the title just said "music" can mean any type of music, so because of that I am against it.

If teachers specifically say at certain times that it is okay, than its okay. But I would be careful about that decision if made…...

0 points

Humans cause the majority of global warming- notice how I said majority.

Humans have upset the Carbon Cycle, a cycle in which carbon is stored, released, and travels. Most carbon dioxide is stored in plants, and by Humans cutting down trees, mass amounts of carbon aren't used up. Humans also burn fossil fuels that contain carbon that had been stored for years- then its let out. With all of this excess carbon that has nowhere to go, it leaves earth but does stay within its atmosphere.

An "invisible blanket" around the earth traps the Carbon Dioxide, and it keeps in unnecessary heat. The trapped heat obviously affects earth, especially the colder areas.

However, I did say majority, I do agree that earth's cycles do cause some of this- however I feel the data has proven that its only a small factor in global warming, because of us humans.

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