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0 points

I prefer DebateIsland. It has many formats ranging from Casual to Formal. The community is also great and lots of meaningful activity

1 point

Why bother? Wouldn't it be easier to just switch to DebateIsland?


1 point

Last night Debateisland launched Artificial Intelligence capability, that's pretty amazing. Those who prefer unfiltered debating with ability to insult anf bully others online may find it less than ideal, but those who appreciate being part of a civil community (like myself will love it.

1 point

Very fair point. I am not sure though how is it generic: let me clarify further- many top users from CreateDebate are actively debating on DebateIsland.

1 point

Not my website, but I am a loyal user for full transparency. You are making a fair point.

However, you are over exaggerating "stealing". I personally don't care one way or the other whether you join or not. I am stating the facts that I see many top CreateDebate users activey debating on DebateIsland.

2 points

Great, thanks for insulting. You make many assumptions and are generous with insults. The fact is that many CreateDebate users are there, and that was the point of the debate.

1 point is a better choice. Many CreateDebate and DDO users are already actively debate there instead.

I check in every few months and see that CreateDebate community is imploding and stuck in similar debates.

Debater411(44) Clarified
1 point

I also agree that neutral poitics is better than reddit politics.

I am somewhat concerned though about their heavy moderation. It takes too much effort to debate there. There is a thread om that very topic.

Debater411(44) Clarified
1 point

I dont think that extreme moderation is the answer for a healthy online community. It is tricky though to fins the right balance. I find it interesting that a user who creates a debate on createDebate can ban and fully moderate opinionsof any user who replies to a debate. That is a unique feature for moderation, but I can see how that can backfire.

Voat has a less strict moderation policy than reddit, especially for politics, and in terms of moderation it works better.

The core issue to me is that reddit has discussions that are really unstructured, and there is a big difference between casual debates and a discussion forum. DebateIsland got the right formula there, and I prefer to debate there for the most part. Many CD users, including top ones made te switch.

1 point

It already has many users from this site, including the top ones debating there.

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