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Debater7744(4) Clarified
2 points

Dear NomLovesMarx, I'm not interested in various religious talks but I have moderate information regarding popular religions and one of them is that Allah, the god of Islam is not a moon deity, according to Islam Allah can't be associated with any form of an object.

I hope I have clarified the misconception you had. Thank you.

1 point

It hugely depends on your financial state. Before marriage, it's better to think carefully about supporting your family and if your incapable of doing so you should select late marriage, until then you can try to lift yourself,

1 point

Patriotism is permitted but there are people who misuse this word for their interests, this word means good but it can easily be used for bad. In my opinion, humans shouldn't only love their homeland and people, but mankind as well so we can at least be rid of wars famine and global warming.

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