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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Come on, really? I know for a fact that if Bernie was running against Trump he would've won. But really? Smarter? You shouldn't have a nice president, I've had enough with these cuck presidents. And our founding fathers made it very easy to become president so politicians and lawyers wouldn't dominate it. Also what does calmer matter? And look at the Soviet Union. Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba, even East Germany. Socialism doesn't work, it ruins countries and lives. It sounds good on paper but when countries try it, it always ends up bad. If you want socialism then get out of the United States, we the people will never let socialism reign over our country.

1 point

This is great, you don't have to like the man, but at least accept him as your president, elected fairly through the electoral college

1 point

Sorry, I was stupid and ignorant back then. But yes liberals are dems, and the Russians haven't done anything wrong. And most people aren't racist in this country

1 point

It's obviously the Liberals. They couldn't stop calling everyone racist and sexist, with a country with mostly white males, calling all white males sexist and racist, you're gonna lose. Also Hillary stupidly only went for California, New York, and Florida, but Trump won nearly every other state, while most of them don't have more than 15 votes, it adds up, and that's how he won. Also, the Democratic party cherry picked Hillary from the dems, instead of going with what the people wanted, Biden and Sanders. Now if Bernie Sanders had won the Democratic general election, Donald Trump would have lost. But ya liberals were stupid and supported a crime ridden, cheat canadit, who never had a chance in the beginning. It is 100% the Liberals fault. The Reason Trump was elected is because of Hillary, is because of BLM, is because of Feminism, is because of real racists, because Hillary blamed everyone but herself, because people are tired of liberals, because whites want to feel like they matter again, because of AntiFa, and because of Me and 162 million others Americans. We won because you fucked up. So stop calling all Trump supports, or in general everything, racist, and fix up your political party, then maybe, just maybe, you'll win the 2024 election (cause we all know if Trump runs again there is no chance anyone else will win).

1 point

As long as it is pg and on public property. I think it should be legal. I mean come on, imagine a dragon (get it? you know, the pun?. uh, nevermind) Imagine a dragon on a train car. They look so cool. Also it doesn't hurt anyone if it isn't inappropriate and it's on public property.

1 point

In reality, Yellow Stone geyser (which is technically a volcano) can completely destroy half to three quarters of the continental United States. Parts of Canada and Mexico. While and earthquake has yet to destroy a whole city yet.

1 point

How could you possible learn that in school. I mean I believe in evolution but it was the church that said that was wrong. Not school

1 point

He may have some Kenya in him but he was born in Hawaii. You don't even need to take pictures look at birth certificates or anything. If he was born in Kenya he wouldn't be our president

1 point

The US is in extreme debt. But we have enough money to pay it off and still build that stupid wall and golden statues of every president (after that we'd still have an extreme surplus) The US just knows that eventually countries will stop caring about there debt, or they hope they will.

2 points

I wanted Cruz as well, he was extremely trust worthy and was a leader in multiple protests and revolts. He was the person the people chose to lead them. But the government thinks not. Sadly. Cruz wanted the best for the country, the actual best. Not banning some immigrants, not raising minimum wage (increasing taxes and hurting small companies). He wanted only good. R.I.P the United States Of America.

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Winning Position: For Wall
Tied Positions: Against Wall vs. For Wall
Winning Position: Hillary D.R. Cliton
Winning Position: Should Trump/Clinton be Impeached After Election Day or not
Winning Position: Current-More homework

About Me

"I am a Democrat and get heated in political debates. I Love Trump. Make America Great again"

Biographical Information
Name: Josh Herrera
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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