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Nobody seems to account for why India and China and other countries that have benefited from our outsourced jobs are willing to work for less, because they can. Our currency which pays for their wages goes much further in their country. They may live like kings on a salary of $300 a month, whereas here it may actually cost us to take a job that pays the same, just in gas alone. So the competition is unfair due to our currency value which is all speculation just like the housing market was. Our might dollar, which everyone wants to invest in, who know why, is going to burst at the seems just like our housing market. Our currency value is completely bogus because the value of our currency is based upon a countries value and right now we have way more liabilities with a running deficit of over 13trillion than we have assets. This is why when everyone is mad over Quantative Easing I am actually okay with it, let's just get it over faster. Of course its going to hurt for a little while, but what it will do is bring back manufacturing. When a company can no longer purchase what they used to be able to do and with gas continuing to rise, we will be able to compete with the rest of the world and this alone is the only thing that will save America. I believe that we will have a manufacturing revamp in America just hopefully we don't declare that companies cannot find enough quality labor so they need more H1-B Visas. When you have a high employment rate H1-B Visas should be banned. They are merely slave labor ranking in more profits for companies. Companies need to think long term not short term, but then again look at CEO pay, I guess that is how we think now days. Pathetic it makes me sad that we can no longer feel great about America due to being raped by the top 1%. The middle class is dying and we are to busy working so our voices do not get heard. We are to busy working to support the top 1% and the bottom half that are living off of government. Ha we have not time or money to pay someone to fight for us.

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