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RSS Demon_Hunter

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Demon_Hunter(635) Clarified
1 point

Buddhism: Karma. Your karmic debt increases the more you allow others to be good to you. The true Buddhist is willing to suffer very much for the sake of reaching zero karmic debt upon death (doesn't go into negatives, so it's very easy to gain debt) Only those with zero upon death will go to nirvana others will be reborn as some creature (goes as basic as bacterium).

mostly this is wrong. buddhhists do eschew wealth but have no problem in allowing others to do good deeds for them. Why would they have their alms bowls if they did?

also..they don't advocate suffering or deprivation. the buddha hisself, Siddarth Guatama, tried the deprivation thing when he travelled with the asthetic monks after he left his palace. He got so malnourished he almost starved and so found it wasnt the way. that there is a MIDDLE PATH between depriving and greed and opulence. THIS is what the Buddhists advise.

And the FOur Noble Truths say NOTHING about needing to suffer. Nor does the 8-fold Path.

last.....Buddhists dont believe in transmigration...thats coming back as a bug or an animal. that is the Hindus and the Buddha rejected that doctrine. they believe you only can return as a human. and one who DOES get released from Samsara (the endless cycle on Earth) and can get Nirvana, will sometimes still choose to stay behind and help others. they are called Bodhisatvas.

you should know more about this before claiming you know the religion. sounds to me like you have a lot of learning to do about Buddhism. i can help.

of course you prefer that because that fits you to a tee. at least judging by your juvenile and angry posts. too bad. I feel sorry for you. I was once angry and had nothing like you. then I was angry and had a LOT of material and money wealth, but was still dead to sin. now I am Saved and have everything in Spirit and in God. But am once again poor for material goods. which means I am really very rich!! you wont like this and will insult me with your reply. hey..its OK. I have been there where you are. Angry and bitter because I prayed and God did not deliver what I wanted like a vending machine. I can tell you that He WILL bestow you Wealth but not the kind you used to ask for. The kind that lasts forever is what you can have. but first you need to get your heart right.

its not easy...I also had to die to do it. I hope you don't have to wait that long. if you ask God to remove your bitterness, though, that He will do, if you are sincere about it. I can guarantee you this. just watch.

Demon_Hunter(635) Clarified
1 point

no Jungle really makes some valid points. and he might not be condemned! who know, he might end up being Saved like I was. when I was an atheist I acted just like he does. even worse. you should not condemn people or judge them. that is God the Creator's job not yours. you are guilty of the sin of Arrogance and judging and demeaning your brother. you better check that plank in your eye saint.

Demon_Hunter(635) Clarified
1 point

And God is destroying darkness and Satan in the end, and all of the seeds and trees born into darkness. It simply can't and won't exist when He brings His Kingdom"

thanks for the kind words but unfortunately your wrong about that part i bolded.

It would be nice if God could destroy Satan and Hell and His demons but He cannot. Not while they are roaming this Earth. As this Earth IS under Satan's domain. that should be obvious to you by know. I have seen and fought too much of His legion to believe otherwise. where God CAN deliver is from Satan is when we come into His Grace. Or in Heaven. Only then are we rescued. And this is only some of us not all.

its obvious from your picture, if thats you, that your Jewish? But i see you have converted to Christianity? What made you do this? You were raised Jewish, correct? DO your read the Torah or the Talmud? I love reading the Talmud and it explains a lot of the Torah and the meanings of those metaphors which are not literal. Rabbis know this. And you also probably know most Jews don't believe in a literal Hell or Satan? but you do. is this why you converted?

the healthiest water is the water from the Living Well of the Father and the Spirit like when Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well. sorry I don;t have the exact bible quote in front of me right now but you get the point. dont ask yourself or worry what water you should drink or what food you eat or what clothes you wear. look at the lillies of the field and the sparrow! does not God provide for them? So He will for you if you drink from His Cup.

i make my own Holy Water to use on Demons. it melts their skins like acid when thrown on them. I brew it over the course of three days and SEVEN hours (magic numbers) in a chalice I got from a Catholic Church. I have a crucifix sitting in the Challice and seven candles around the chalice while the water is brewing. and then I do bible incantations while pouring the water out into my containers. it works i can tell you!!!!

you made all good points my brother. please to forgive some of my more ignorent and narrow minded fellow westerners. they know very little of the middle east and its peoples and expecially the plight of the refugees. i hope god protects them all. i also want to say it makes no difference to me if you or they call their God Allah. I also worship the one true Creator God and He is the same for us who are Saved and in His Grace. what we call him because of our upbringing and teachings makes no difference. what matters is that He know us, right?

Demon_Hunter(635) Clarified
1 point

are you Libtard Prolifer? you sure sound like her and even your avatar reminds me of hers. and she seems the type that would like sitar music.

the only reason im not burning in Hell is because of God's Grace. and thats also the only reason anybody does not burn in Hell. Since the Fall we are all condemmed to, unless we take Jesus as our Lord and Savior. To not do that is to mock God and is a burnable offense. as far as your Dawkins, he is a bit player and no kind of Priest. let him have his science and atheism...he will one day rue it, as I rue the fact i wasted so many years wallowing in sin and atheism. while i was in jail for simply fighting evil i did a lot of thinking and praying and bible study and have come to learn than the bible is far more true and literal than i first thought. so jail was actually a positive thing and a sort of revelation to me. in fact it was all part of God's Plan For Me.

hi KN thanks for your intrest.

i was a atheist for years and a bad sinner. till i was saved about 28 months ago with a powerful vision from God. One straight outta Compton--ha! just kidding..straight outta the Bible. God burned and split a curtain in my room so to recreate the gospel account of the tearing of the Temple Veil that the Roman Guard saw when Jesus died on the Cross. most people dont understand the moral of that story. it was to show that God's world--the Kingdom was now OPEN to all! including the Romans and the gentiles and all who believe. So that was me at the time. (this is why my avatar!)

I then devoted my life to God and His work. I was going to enter the Seminary School for Unity Church next month, but they declined my acceptance after findiing out I had a brush with the law. (i was really doing God's Will and fighting Evil at the time. I burned down a meeting place for the church of Satan.)

So now i'm converted to Lutheranism, and am taking steps to enter their Seminary in the Spring of 2017. the first demon I killed was in a crack house in South Dallas, there were two of them and i got one before getting so ill (one of the side effects you get when yo come into contact with them) i had to run outside. i almost died from a heart attack, spent the night in the hospital. contrary to popular belief, while here on Earth demons can be killed by conventional weaponry--I used a 9 mil Glock I had at the time..three shots to its chest. the blood it spit out from the wound, or whatever it was--squirted about 10 feet and burned my left forearm and i still have a 3rd degree burn scar about the size of a silver dollar on it. i also still have tinntis in my ears and a 20% hearing loss. when you executioner demons your beset with a loud buzzing noise; rapid heart rate; flushed skin; nausea and vomiting. i was also so dehydrated i had to have glucose/saline IV in the hospital.

but once a demon subdues you and takes your spirit, your soul into their realm then they can't be killed anymore by conventional means. you have to get them while on the physical earthly plane. yeah i know this all sounds outlandish, but im relaying it to you as best i can and swear on my relationship with my God that all i said is true and happened as close as i can recall it. i bring no dishonesty here, and so i accept that many will mock me. that is fine. I only have one relationship that matters. i was in jail for three months, and my wife divorced me as well. yet...i wake up everyday smiling.

Demon_Hunter(635) Clarified
1 point

i just meant to tell the false prophet Saint that he has no inside knowledge or track on God's Will. So he does not know whom God loves or hates. (Yes...God DOES hate some people. Or better...hates there actions or sins). when i said Saint doesn't know if God loves you I only used you as an example. if Saint would have said God loves slapshop or grenache or even me i would of said the same thing. so please know that it was nothing personal on you. i don't even know you, right?

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"Born Again Christian. Slayer of Demons...adrenaline junkie//musician//seducer.."

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