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RSS Dena

Reward Points:13
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1 point

Haha I love THAT word because it sounds cool. And I learned it like last year although I still don't know what it means. . . . and aha Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis mine is bigger and I know exactly what it means:)

1 point

I am NOT a sir!!! And I don't care about you or your stupid big words

1 point

Whatever bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla haha 50 characters:)

0 points

Haha loser we are winning this debate:) CURSE THE 50 CHARACTER LIMIT

2 points

"it has to be an egg because of evolution" Why? In the chicken side there are pleanty of reasons why the chicken is first according to evolution. This is such an ignorant remark because you are not 100% sure evolution is true beacuse t may have been God that made the chicken first

3 points

In the beginning God created all animals including chickens. Besides who would have hatched the egg? And how would it learn to protect its self. Think about it, 2 weird animals would have to give birth to something that looked like a chicken, they would have to be of opposite sexes, they would have to live near each other, they would have to get along at some point, and they would have to kill off or get away from the other weird animals species that gave birth to the thing that looks like a chicken in order to keep it from breeding with that animal and setting everything back.

1 point

Britain is a nation not a race, therefore British people form a nation, not a race. A race is a genetic set, like if you were to say someone is Hispanic then you would automatically know they had dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin.

1 point

God created everything. And I will NOT say that this is a theory because it is true. Just take one look at this website and if that doesn't persuade you I don't know what will. Try looking at it from a creationists point of view for just a few minutes

1 point

Humans constantly fight for a better life, but animals only take what is given to them. Only humans can take grain from a field, eggs from a hen, milk from a cow, and sap from a tree to come up with delicious pancakes. And only humans can figure out that if they excersize enough then they can make it look like they never had a pancake in there whole life. I really can care less if you think you are dumber than an animal but I'm only 13 years old and I know that I'm a hell of a lot smarter than any animal out there.

1 point

No creature would do what you said humans do because they do not have the capability to think about doing it. All animals know how to do is eat, sleep, breed, and protect themselves. Only humans have the ability to fly an airplane, drive a car, or work a computer. A huge majority of humans may be irresponsible but we are deffently smarter than any animal to walk the earth. All animals are "home schooled" because they only know how to do what there parents before them could do. We learn new things all the time and we keep it flowing generation to generation. Humans destroy forests so we can have homes. I'm not saying that destroying forests is a good thing at all, I'm just saying that only humans can come up with the technology to do that. Animals don't try to change the future they just go along with it because that's all they can do. Also humans are the only capable things among this planet that have a chance to find a cure, or something to prevent global warming. No matter if we are causing it or not.

Like I said before humans are not dumb at all, most of us are just irresponsible.

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