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1 point

wow this guy or girl really knows what he is talking about and has very good grammar. I also agree that the states would be more corrupt then a large federal government!!!!!!!

4 points

In no way is this true. There are multiple checks and balances to prevent this and also a term limit so the people can have a say on who is running there country. Also the states still have power such as the 10th Amendment.

1 point

The Constitution should not be ratified. Big government means slower process. This will lead to a situation where nothing gets passed and progression in the country will come to a halt.

7 points

Another reason to support the Federalist argument is that with a strong federal government it protects our rights much better. To become a leader in the federal government there is more filters then the state. Also it is proven that people that work in the federal government are more educated and better qualified.

6 points

This is true but also false. Yes there will be differences of opinions and it will make things go slower but it will not lead to grid lock. Luckily we have a good set of checks and balances the people elect the officials. The majority of people do not want gridlock they things to change for the better. So lets say the officials do gridlock the system, all that means is that they wont get re elected. And since there career is on the line and they want to make money they will do everything they can to please the people so they can get re elected.

Desperados(17) Clarified
2 points

We are arguing whether or not the constitution not whether our presedent is good or bad. Can you clarify whether you are an Anti fed or federal.

2 points

Actually it does not. If states were more powerful the richer states would eventually become a federal government and since they are supposed to be equal but are more powerful they would hold that against the worse states.

7 points

I agree a government that is held together by universal laws is going to have an equal standard per state. It allows for the country to grow as a whole instead of individual states growing and leaving others behind. This would lead to a very corrupt and divided country.

1 point

If anything having strong state governments would be tyrannical because they would put themselves first and the other states second. With a strong federal government not tied to a state its harder to put people first. With a strong federal government laws and money can be spread across the country evenly whether then the states hoarding it to themselves.

7 points

Back when the America's states all had different currencies and no big central government they co existed rather then co operated.

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