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Devdev0801(5) Clarified
1 point

Wat is IR-2,4,6,8? I do not believe you are using this vocabulary term correctly at all

1 point

It is no secret that for a long time that Iran is a major sponsor for international terrorism. Not to mention that the deal allows them to buy and sell weaponry in which they can use to support terror regimes. It is a mistake to believe that Iran will be a force of good in the middle east which many Americans believe. If you look at the Iranian constitution Iran does not even recognize many boarders and suppresses its own civilization with Shia Law.The nuclear deal even goes as far as to the US having to protect Iran if it gets attacked by a foreign entity to the point where this is now a direct conflict of interest with Israel.regardless of the deal, Iran will continue to fund terrorism and we need to keep the pressure on them

1 point

We have to replace the constitution because it is nearly impossible to amend the articles as you say we should as it requires unanimous vote across the states.

2 points

While freedom is important, it should not come at a cost of law and order. With a dominant and strong central government, that the constitution will provide, the united states will be able to properly function in the good times and bad. Achieving a stronger national government and the ratification of the constitution will properly manage the debt that followed the American revolution. Especially after Shay's rebellion, political leaders recognized the deep need for a more concentrated federal power that the articles of confederation could not provide. the articles of confederation was a very weak agreement on which to set as the base for a great nation especially seeing as it doesn't even call itself the United States of America but as "a firm league of friendship"

1 point

When you say that China may be able to threaten economic assistance and get North Korea to stand down, do you realize that option two entirely relies on China pulling its economic assistance to North Korea and China is unwilling to completely destabilize

North Korea because it fears of instability on the Korean peninsula.

2 points

Devyn (3)

Option 3 would be the most effective way to handle the North Korea crisis. While Option 2 seems like the option to best destabalize the North Korean Regime, China is unwilling to completely destabilize because it fears of instability on the Korean peninsula. Therefore Option 3 would be the most effective out of all of the options because it addresses North Korea's fear that the U.S is a threat to its national security. Despite compromises, negotiations and diplomatic relations will save lives and resources compared to war. On top of that, the view of the United States would improve for handling the crisis without aggression.

Supporting Evidence: China's North Korea problem is worse than ours (
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