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1 point

Excon, your only reply to a direct question is talking about "card games"?!? It's CLEARLY OBVIOUS that you are not very good at debating. You only offer incoherent ramblings (and childish insults) whenever you (LOL "choose") to respond.

1 point

Excon, I thoroughly enjoy watching you come apart and using of childish curse words and insults. We are on a debate website and your constant replies of "I don't owe you anything" is laughable. Once again Excon, YOU LOSE.

1 point

Excon, you just clearly avoided debate and TROLLED. In order to successfully debate you need to have courage. You also need to have honesty, integrity and act in a mature manner. Excon, it is obvious that you badly lack in those areas.

1 point

When I ask Democrats what is the worst thing that Trump has done that affected your life they most often are at a loss for words. When they do answer, they claim it is the hurtful things that Trump "said", not specific actions or inactions taken. More recently a Democrat told me the worst thing that Trump did was "tax cuts for billionaires". I followed up with asking how did that in any way directly negatively affect his life and his reply was that it didn't, however it "wasn't cool". Democrats are dumb, crazy or bad people.One, two or all three of those components are always in a Democrat when I speak with them.

1 point

Excon, you are the only forum member that is insanely hung up on the "Jewish Prince" thing. I have no idea (or care) what other forum members religion is and they do not know (or care) what my religion is.

Excon, Neo Nazi leader and rabid anti semite Richard Spencer voted for Joe Biden. The Democratic Party founded the Ku Klux Klan and the Jim Crow Laws. Hillary Clinton's mentor was Robert Byrd a Democrat Senator from West Virginia who was a former "Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan". Other Democratic Party US presidents like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon B Johnson were well known racists. Joe Biden recently spoke about having lunches with segregationists. These are FACTS.

1 point

Excon, I (and other conservatives) have never claimed that Bill Maher is "our man". I respect some of his views and dislike many of his views. Clearly any view that entails a Nazi comparison does not garner my support.

1 point

Excon, what Republican official supports Neo Nazis?

Excon, "white supremacy" is a myth. Don't be a fool.

Excon, Democrats are acting like fascists not conservatives. Examples; Antifa violence, Black Lives Matter riots and the recent harassment of our US Supreme Court Justices.

Excon, what exactly is the "right wing church"? Please be specific.

1 point

Excon, do you honestly think that Republicans are like "Nazi's"?!? No Jew would feel that way. Nazi's systematically murdered over 6 million Jews. And don't go running your mouth that Maher is Jewish. He was raised in his Irish-American father's Roman Catholic religion. Until his early teens, he was unaware that his mother, whose family was from Hungary, was Jewish.

Only Democrats make stupid and reckless political comparisons to that of Nazi's. They do it purely for shock value. If Maher made that comment in Germany he would be arrested.

2 points

Excon, not true. The right is giving states rights. That means leftist psychopaths in California that enjoy murdering babies can do so. However, states like Utah that respect life will ban it.

Formula shortage is AWFUL, Excon, Democrats are openly embarrassed by this Biden failure. Gas prices under Biden are crushing Americans. These are serious issues.

1 point

Excon, Republican state Florida is the most expensive state to live. You know that NYC is over expensive considering the Democrat high crime and high taxes.

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