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1 point

Excon, that was a classic video. It depicts a "person" wearing rainbow colored sickle & hammer shirt. he starts off crying saying that "transphobia is a disease and there is no cure". He cries more saying MAGA this and MAGA that.

After watching, I am actually curious if that was possibly a conservative that was trolling leftists (like Alex Stein does). Although I do believe it to be authentic, this leftist circus freak was acting so odd that it almost seemed unreal.

1 point

Excon, where is your proof that Trump gave "orders" to the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers? Trump has no leadership role or even a direct relationship with the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

Excon, we have trespassers from Jan 6th that have been incarcerated in solitary confinement that have yet to even see a trial.

Excon, do you HONESTLY think that a man dressed up in a Shaman costume was going to gain the ability/authority of commanding a federal government takeover?!? These hearings are nothing more than a partisan show trial with the overall goal of taking Donald Trump off of the 2024 ballot because he is currently polling higher than Joe Biden. And, it's only June. Come this November those poll numbers (Trump vs Biden) are going to be MUCH more in favor of Trump as our economy hurdles towards recession and a possible depression under Democratic Party leadership.

1 point

Excon, another TROLL response. This consistently happens when you have nothing more to add.

Excon, you claim to be 79 years old. If that is true then you are not a "warrior", rather you're an old man that (understandably) can not complete basic everyday physical tasks.

1 point

Excon, so you openly ADMIT that the impeachments were "nothing burgers". Yet, the leftist media and Democratic Party representatives spent MANY hours and days telling us it was the opposite. I appreciate your honesty.

If the 1/6 hearings are directed to the American populace then you must admit it's not doing well considering the low tv ratings.

1 point

Excon, what is your evidence that President Trump had direct talks with the "Proud Boys" and "Oath Keepers". Where is your evidence of "orders" being given?

You said "IF" Pence had not certified the election. However, Pence "DID" certify the election. So your argument is moot. What evidence do you have that suggests that the states would have installed Trump as president had it been sent back to them?

Excon, nobody is watching the 1/6 hearings. It's uninteresting and it wreaks of partisan bias.

"Jan. 6 Committee Pulls Dismal Ratings In Prime-Time Show Trial"

1 point

Excon, who is a worser person (below) and deserved of more severe punishment :

A) A violent Criminal that assaults business owners, loots businesses and commits arson.


B) An unarmed Trespasser that enters the Capital building during an unruly protest.

1 point

Excon, so the United States as a whole wass not victimized by "Black Lives Matters" violent riots. However we WERE ALL victimized on January 6th, again 1 person dead (an unarmed female protester) and minimal property damage. Is that correct?

1 point

Excon, so in your eyes the working class, tax paying citizens that are assaulted and have their businesses' looted and burned to the ground by leftist inspired and supported rioters ARE NOT victims of treasonous scum bent on terrifying the residents in our communities.

However, millionaire liberal Congressmen that are uninjured and suffer no property damage are victims of treasonous individuals. Do I have that correct?

1 point

Excon, you are really milking this January 6 protest. We understand that the Dems are doing this because the current inflation and gas prices are so bad under Joe Biden and the Democratic Congresspeople/Senate.

Excon, is looting and burning down businesses treason? Do yiu think that protesters that trespassed in the Capital should be treated/punished worse than the "Black Lives Matters" rioters who caused billions in property damage, led to thousands of police officer injuries and multiple murders?!?

1 point

"I, excon, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC" - Excon

"Fuck your cops. Fuck your insurance.. Fuck your buildings. Fuck your police departments. Fuck 'em all". - Excon

Excon, YOU are the ENEMY! How is that so difficult for you to understand?!? Your quote (above) indicates that you clearly support domestic terrorism against both our law enforcement and our citizens.

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