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RSS DevilDolly

Reward Points:14
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1 point

Im an Atheist,since I was 13, I do "celebrate"christmas but not the way most people do.

To me,christmas is the day I'm glad to say, I just dont give a rat's ass about Jesus. Its the day I'm very proud that I'm an Atheist.

To me its a day that reminds me why i dont beleive and why Im glad i dont beleive. :)

5 points

Oh really?...

I think its safe to say that i dont need to depend on a imaginary

man to persue my dreams and live a good life.

-1 points

"Her decision affects him too!"-(it sure will!)

"If she keeps the child, he must pay child support."-(Yeah,thats what he gets since he dipped his penis into her vagina.)

"If she does not, he loses a chance to be a father!"-(well then he should go have babies with another woman!)

"I agree that if she does NOT want the abortion that he should not be able to force her."-(Hey!We're on the same page now!)

"However, if he says he wants one and she says no, then he should be able to remove all responsibility after the child is born."-("With Sperm,comes Responsibility")

"After all, if she chooses to have the abortion, the result would be the same."-(well her vagina probably wont look the same

but i dont think thats what you mean..)

"Also, if she wants the abortion and he does not, he should have the option of finding a surrogate mother and remove her of all burden".-(Thats a good idea no pun intended,but

then we fall back into our previous issue!The pregnant women

would have to decide that too!Oh no!)

1 point

"Friend, saying some thing like that will not mean that you are religious.god is soem one who has no religion adn he is the father of all."

Not everyone beleives in the supernatural and a higher being,

this god thing is part of religion,the root of religion the cause of religion!

"the question now is if big bang created the present universe, then who created BIg bang?

God himself!"

1. No one knows for sure what created the universe,the big

bang theory is a THEORY.

2.Even if the big bang did create the universe it doesnt mean that some god created it,there is no proof of that.

You know who beleives in god/Gods Godesss??


and what are those things that i just named called??....



Why do I have to recite a pledge that says "under god" when

I dont beleive in god????

Why is it that I work very hard for my money and i work very

hard to pay my bills and at the end of the day i have to pay it




Honestly it annoys the fuck out of me that this is supposed

to be a "religous" free country yet the spread this crap around!

America is theocracy in disguise.

1 point

Potential short-term effects of marijuana

feelings of intoxication

rapid heartbeat

dry mouth and throat

bloodshot eyes

loss of coordination or poor sense of balance

decreased reaction time

difficulty in listening or speaking

impaired or reduced short-term memory

impaired or reduced comprehension

impairments in learning and memory, perception, problem solving, and judgment

altered sense of time

reduced ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination, such as driving a car

altered motivation and cognition, making the acquisition of new information difficult


intense anxiety or panic attacks

psychological dependence

Long-term effects.Because marijuana use is highly associated with cigarette smoking, determining which consequences may be attributed to marijuana use rather than to cigarette use is difficult. While not enough research has been done to determine the specific effects of marijuana, according to the American Council for Drug Education there is growing evidence that it may affect the brain, lungs, heart, and immune system. Marijuana use may

lead to a decreased ability to concentrate

lead to a decreased ability to learn and remember things

delay the onset of puberty in men

decrease sperm production in men

disrupt the menstrual cycle and inhibit discharge of eggs from the ovaries

damage the immune system

increase cancer rates

increase rates of respiratory problems and disease

4 points

Hell no!

Im a very proud Atheist and ill keep it that way

1 point


I mean sure they can if they want but people will think

of that guy as gay. I mean really,society will IMMEDIATELY think

a man is gay if hes at Starbucks every weekend!

I wish it wasnt that way but it just shows the mind set people

have these days

0 points

Unless he is the one having the baby then go right on ahead

and he gets to choose!

BUT since thats not happening leave the decision up to the

woman who is having that kid,after all its her body = her decision

2 points

No,why should it? The constitution says this is a Religous-Free

country. So why put "In God we trust"???

Not everyone beleives in god so why should we have to

recite it as a pledge and pay our bills with a peice of paper

that too me speaks crap!

About Me

"Hello everyone,I go by the name of Dolly. I love to debate!(obviously) Im homeschool so unfortunatly i cant join a debate club since im not in public school anymore so i came here!:)"

Biographical Information
Name: Dolly 
Gender: Female
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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