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RSS Devilish

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3 points

I would give him a second chance to come back and get kicked in the groin again but thats about it.

2 points

I like this site because there isn't the drama that went on at SH, I don't really get that much time to log in but I will try

4 points

That shit was so stupid, a glittering vampire and a girl who can't do anything unless she is around him. There was no real story line here or a good one.

3 points

Place them anywhere you want, just keep them out of my way

3 points

Think much of yourself : ). I don't know many people here so can't help with this one

1 point

Hell yeah there is a difference. When you are talking dirty on the phone you don't have the pleasure of acting out what you feel. talking dirty during sex makes it that much more exciting.

1 point

I never said it was correct so don't twist my words. I am simply answering your question but now that you bring it up..What if those teenagers were to stay pregnant who do you think would be raising those kids? is that fair to the parents?

1 point

I have seen many women just get pregnant and go straight to the abortion clinic, and they do this quite a few times. You would hope that people would learn their lesson the first time if it was painful. That is what Sunset was trying to say.

"But no, most abortions are due to problems with the pregnancy or when other means of contraceptive have failed"

How would you like the report of at least two of the abortion clinics here in NYC? That is not true at all as a matter of fact I can drive by the place and get you video confessions if you want to prove that. It all really depends on the area people live in, thats where stats change.

1 point

It is there life so they can very well choose to do what they want with it but they need help not punishment

2 points

I don't think that this is the way to go with this. Teenagers would have to have parental consent first.

Winning Position: messages.../wth

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Name: Crystal Clear
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 10001
Education: College Grad

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