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RSS Dinara573

Reward Points:4
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2 points

i think that both of them can't exist without each other. for example: when you read a book, even about for example mathematic you imagine something in your head, for better understanding. remember when we were in school, we learnt to count, by tasks, where we had to give or take apples. And after that to count how much apples we have.

2 points

you can find a way to make them interested. when children are growing, they need a role model. as a parents adults have to bring them up with moral rules of society. i think that religion is the best and the easiest way to bring child up, as a good person. religion gives child idea about what is good and bad. they can't decide by themselves, because they don't understand yet. we have to give them knowledge about religion.

1 point

Yes, of course. It will give me more time to be with my family and friends. I’ll have more time to sleep, and as we know sleep is very important for health. If man will sleep less, he will grow old faster. also one of the most serious arguments is that when you have a lot of homework you are trying to do everything faster, it means that the quality of your work suffers.

1 point

I think that everything depends on man. If all what you want is just money, they can make you happy. But anyway someday you'll find that there are a lot of more important things in this life. For example, you'll never buy family or love, but you can't live without them. Somewhere in vk i read these words: you can buy bed, but you can't buy sleep. You can buy house, but you can't buy home. You can buy sex, but you can't buy love. I like these words, they are truly. So i think that money is just something that comes, and goes away. And such things as love, health, family, and friends are the most important one. Money can just make your life better, but they can't give you happiness.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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