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RSS DineshDsouza

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10 most recent arguments.

It's about the SHUTDOWN and the 2020 election..

Trump offered DACA protection, and libs rejected it. Libs promised the same barrier pre Trump, and are now holding checks hostage to not give Trump THEIR proposal. Imagine those ads in 2020.

3 points

In the real world, even IF Democrats raised a stink to block it, they have no POWER to actually BLOCK it. They're just running their mouths.

We are very familiar with the American left.

IF Republicans are NOT accepting those donations anymore, it's because they don't WANT to accept those donations anymore.

They are still taking the donations. Democrats keep telling them you can't appropriate funds that way without Congress's approval, which is true, but if Democrats weren't open borders, they wouldn't have screamed about it. They did scream about it.

The Veteran continues to raise the funds despite all of this, and is up over $20 million.

What you SEE is the natural progression of an expanding economy that began under Obama.

Obama literally said that what we have now was impossible and to except it. He literally said manufacturing jobs couldn't come back. He even said Trump would need a magic wand to accomplish this.

Then Trump did it in less than half a term.

Concerning the natural progression from the Obama Presidency, I would point to the cages, tear gas, and seperating of families at the border.

highway congestion would disappear..

You wouldn't have less cars because they start driving themselves. Everyone would just have their own cars that drive themselves, which equals the same amount of cars.

Traffic deaths would plummet

They have already killed several people.

2 points

Really??? So, you've NEVER been to Mexico.. Dude! Truth is, Mexico is a tropical paradise that's SAFER than your town

The Americanized resort areas of Mexico are nothing like Mexico. rw1920.jpg?h=ac5284c81ee7aae88413966d17ed0e91

The ignorance of your statement is rather baffeling.

2 points

There is no logic behind self driving cars. If you want self driven vehicles, take the train, bus, monorail, bullet train, etc.

After two years and nothing on Trump, this investigation was probably done a year ago.

Republicans started taking donations, attempting to make the wall free for the government, and Democrats rose a stink to block it. That tells you all you need to know.

Everybody who likes Trump isn't a Nazi, but everybody who's a Nazi sure does.

Name some.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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