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RSS Dinkus

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2 points

Nahhh.. The police unions control it all, and they're pretty right wing.

How do you know the political leanings of a police officer?

1 point

Look.. You could only BELIEVE blacks commit more crime, if you believe that black people are inherently less moral than white folks. That's a racist supposition.

They create more crime because people in poverty commit more crime. They are in poverty because Democrats used the welfare system as an enticing weapon to make sure blacks had no incentive to make more money. They have to constantly work themselves to death to maintain a constant minority serf class to help them win elections by promising just a smidegen more on that welfare check and that food stamp card. They realized the New Deal was a great deal, not for blacks, but for them.

Staying on that same idea, this is why the Democrats kept promising prison reform while not delivering, despite Trump proving that all they would have had to have done was snap their fingers. But they never did it because the promise of doing it was enough to garner votes and keep blacks down trodden and angry all at the same time.

1 point

Is this the list of your alts? Why would we care about a list of your alts?

2 points

I'm bringing in an army of libs. Get ready for the war you white supremacist, neo nazi neanderthal.

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