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2 points

I think that these executives should be paid their bonuses, primarily because we need the people who understand these complex financial WMD's to be able to unwind them and shut the company down in an orderly fashion. When the US government decided to step in and bail them out, they essentially validated the business practices at AIG.

Also, they were keenly aware of these bonuses for quite some time, so reversal of them at this point is clearly a knee jerk reaction to a known issue based on the media.

4 points

$13 a week equates to over $50 per month, and struggling families could really use the help. While this is not a huge boom to their bottom line, it will provide a little bit of relief to families that are in desperate need of some financial assistance.

2 points

What about a shirt using the Top Gun font/logo, but instead of saying "Top Gun" it would say "Frat Dog".

This would kill at my school.

3 points

Wallace went up against the English Army with no heavy cavalry and outnumbered 4 to 1 and still won. Maximus was a great General, although I have to say that he could not last five minutes in a fight with William Wallace. FREEDOM!!!!!!

2 points

While I tend to favor Tom Udall, I think that he is a bit too conservative for my tastes. I would really like to see a Democratic candidate who was more forceful on the need to expand healthcare to many of the poor in New Mexico.

3 points

I do not support this acquisition and think that Anheuser-Busch is selling out. I'm no longer going to drink Anheuser-Busch products. I'll likely switch to a real American Beer like Sam Adams. Sorry, A-B, but you just lost a couple thousand dollars worth of revenue from this guy by selling your soul.

1 point

So you think that an economy that is on the verge of a severe recession should raise interest rates rather than keep them low to help stimulate the economy? Do you think the bigger job of the Fed is to encourage economic growth or control inflation? From your comment it seems the latter.

2 points

Smith Mountain Lake down in Southwest Virginia puts on an unbelievable show. Everyone rides up there on their boats, throws down an anchor or ties up with other boats, and then ties one on. It's a great time.

4 points

My Dad loves his boat, so we usually try to get him something related to the boat. Whether it's skis, a new float, a new prop, or whatever, there's always something on Overtons website that you can find that he'd like.

Winning Position: Get with the taste of real beer

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