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DrChamberlin(15) Clarified
1 point

It's not really a point of democracy, when the more correctly applied term for their actions would be might makes right.

Unsurprisingly enough, many of the men who make this transition, were at the point in their careers. Where they were probably at the lowest levels in the male divisions.

Though that seems to be more than enough to allow them to completely smash through currently held records. Though this also comes on the heels of some strange movement for equality. It's hard to say that you're vouching for equality, when one participant can more easily destroy the hard earned achievements of the other. Simply because they've had the benefit of living through the later stages of puberty, and possess denser bone and muscle structure.

It's not a fair shake, in my own opinion.

As plainly as I can put it, yes.

The phrase: If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have them.

A Harvard study released around 2007, came to the conclusion that gun control of this sort. Is vastly counterproductive.

I did not say that Sullivan was either BLM, or Antifa. Nor did I say anything about someone being identified through facial recognition. I do find it funny that they are attempting to link Sullivan to the far right, even though the article supplies no evidence for this. Hell, Sullivan's group Insurgence USA, is labeled as a left-wing group, and they release videos on how to properly protest against the state. Not to mention how to hide your identity, and they even release videos on how to make incendiary devices as well.

Unfortunately for you Clementine, you can't just hide from the facts by claiming that the man was linked to the alt-right. Especially after your camp has repeatedly parroted the whole "but white supremacist" lie for so long now.

The best you can pint to, is a baseless twitter post that supplies no actual evidence that Sullivan was in any way, tied to the far-right. Which was most likely done, so that left-wing sources could distance themselves from him, as quickly as possible.

Which is the same thing that they did to protestors in Portland, who decided to set fired to stores. Only for those claims of them being right-wing. Turn up with the truth, that there were in fact former Obama voters, and current Bernie supporters.

Please learn to think before you post.

0 points

Seeing as CNN & MSNBC was using Sullivan's footage, and they were caught financing his group to purchase it from him. Not to mention he was one of the only few inside the capital building, actively trying to promote violent acts. It's easy to see that you don't know what you're talking about.

We also know from the media coverage that he was not the only left winger present, so there is another lie that you've been caught in. As well as the claim that it was "thousands" of violent maniacs. When footage taken from inside the capital reveals it to be far less than that, and not even in the hundreds.

All you're doing is continually having these little emotional outburst, and it keeps proving you wrong.

Please, learn to think before you post.

DrChamberlin(15) Clarified
2 points

Thank you for revealing that didn't watch any of the associated video, or suggestions therein.

Unfortunately, given how the psychology of the issue plays out. This concept has more than just a single grain of truth in it.

We've seen for the last decade now, that these people who usually come out in protest, or support for some form of movement. Can have some defining negative traits such as this.

Were it that they had more fulfilling lives. It could be argued that they were doing something towards some simple ideal of bettering the world around them, but that is not the case with this current generation of activist.

DrChamberlin(15) Clarified
1 point

Had he proved that stance to be a lie, then you'd have a point here.

All he did was cite an article, that didn't even address the statement that I had made.

Ironically, one of the only times I've seen him cite any kind of evidence, and he still managed to get it wrong.

My statement was clear.

The far/alt-right rallies/protest. Are far more law abiding than what we've seen of the left.

Even in Charlottesville, conflict mainly arose from counter protestors attacking the rally attendees.

DrChamberlin(15) Clarified
-1 points

I didn't see any "lefties" in Rump's raid on the Capitol, those were alt-righties beating on THE POLICE with "Blue Lives Matter" and American Flag Poles! (And anything else they could find!)

The Capitol riot footage shot by John Sullivan proves this statement to be incorrect.

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