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DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

Not to burst your bubble, but that wasn't your point. All you did was state that marijuana was being voted on in four states, not that Republicans were leading the drug war. So you're sort of jumping to an ill-defined conclusion on that part.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

Then you're simply looking to expel groups like Excon's. Because they are, by a majority, the ones who seem to be so adverse to having some form of integrated culture.

As I cannot speak for the rest of my race. I'd like it if the inner city areas, and those who feel so inclined could ditch the whole "thug" mentality, and total gang apparatus that keeps them down in the gutter. Doing so would allow them to not only improve themselves, but to help improve their communities as well. And I'm not going to act like whites are immune to this same thing. Because we've all seen those guys who do their best to emulate the gang/thug subculture, and it usually just comes off as being sad, or at the very least, irritating.

As it sits, I've got to side with Israel on this one. While they've had their own issues with keeping up with the demand of maintaining the region, and Palestine has apparently been doing their best to make it a difficult task.

It's just that we've seen Palestine commit so many horrible acts in all of this, and just how their media has turned anything, no matter how base, or even extreme Israel's people do. Into what appears to be some sort of world wrenching war-crime. But they've continued to do so, even after being caught in the act several times.

I've wondered just when they'll tempt fate and force Israel to start actually fighting an all out war with Palestine, because it didn't exactly go in their favor last time, and I doubt Israel will be so forgiving this time around.

The main issue here, is that you can't really take anything that Don says legitimately. He's one of the same far left sociopaths that been fine with people being dragged from their cars, and beaten in the streets. As well as being wholly racist on live TV, so he's nothing more than the exact same thing that he pretends to stand against.

This is the same man who stated that Donald Trump was a racist, claiming that it was fact and not opinion.

However when Biden made an obvious racist statement against blacks, one that drew him an intense amount of criticism from both parties. Lemon instead went to bat for Biden, much like he does now, and stated that he Understood what Joe was trying to say.. apparently gearing up for his daily defense of the man, in the years to come.

Don is nothing but a pretender at this point. He's racist, bigoted, corrupt, and more than willing to thumb his own morals so long as it keeps him in the good graces of those around him.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

This is excon you're talking to. So long as the big government mommy is willing to step on them, they seem rather submissive to the fact.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

Once again, nothing but projection at this point. One reason being that none of these people own plantations. So you're just doing nothing but biting your own tongue in the usual method. You're also just calling them racist, despite nothing they've said that actually qualifies as being a "racist" statement.

So once again, you're just screwing yourself over in all of this.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
1 point

That's a whole hell of a lot of projection in one single post.

This is nothing new, though I don't actually think the term white supremacist is a complete fit for them. Seeing as the term racist, just slides much more snuggly into place when concerning them.

I agree to the celebration, but this topic could actually use a body instead of just a title.

DrChamberlin(145) Clarified
2 points

Actually this is one of the last places that I've been able to find the image. I've seen it put up on twitter a few times, but it keeps getting taken down by twitter. So I was forced to look for a new source for the image in general.

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