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1 point

I agree. I greatly respect having a choice in the matter and as much as I understand choosing to have yourself killed isn't an easy decision on it's own; I just think it needs to be a difficult legal process to actually be able to.

1 point

So anyone can just have themselves kill just because they're going to die eventually? Because technically everyone is "terminal." I disagree with that. Doctors aren't always correct in their prognosis. I've had multiple cases in just my own family in which they gave them a month or two, and they've been doing fine for years.


In order for such a thing to be ok, there has to be a lot of red tape and a lot of special circumstances otherwise just we're devaluing human life.

1 point

Are you sure it's not just because he doesn't like you? (Assuming there is a God)

1 point

Prayer has been shown to work in some medical situations, giving somewhat of a placebo effect.

1 point

Once we reach the age when human cybernetic augmentation becomes a bit more popular, sure. Then maybe it could considered a gender.

DrLusha(9) Clarified
1 point

Of course it's reserved for the terminally ill, but what qualifies as terminal though?

1 point

I'm merely against the idea of ACTIVE euthanasia because as much as I feel people should have the right on some level to die, I don't think it should be expedited on the fact that people may be pressured into killing themselves when it isn't completely hopeless. There are many situations in which doctors are a bit off on their prognosis. Nothing is definite. Which is why I'm only ok with Passive Euthanasia, which is only the removal of life support, versus active euthanasia which is just outright killing the person. Which is obviously the opposite intent of the Hippocratic Oath.

1 point

Your argument can be used in reverse. People who are shy will likely stay out of important events or "drama" that could ultimately benefit them.

1 point

It's contextual. That depends on what you're being shy about. If you're shy and you have a job as a salesperson and your paycheck is based on commission, you're unlikely to sell very much. So it's probably not good in that case. There are cases in which it can be beneficial, but it's generally viewed better to be confident in yourself.

1 point

Ultimately it matters on the friends and how they handle the issue. I've became better friends with people from fights, but only because we're good at handling our issues. Others may not be.

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