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RSS DragonBorn

Reward Points:315
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I have to be honest...I'm really quite impressed

you rap pretty good for someone born of incest

why don't you ingest

some factuality, invest

in your mind, open up your sixth sense

and realize you need some mouth wash, dick breath

you spit less

fluently than lil Windex

your shit is so simplex

so let's go in depth

If I wanted to battle lil pump's slightly more lyrical but far less successful cousin

then I'd drop in to lil wayne's crib while he's buzzin'

and fuck em'

in the ass with a suction cup on the end

of my dick, and then take all his funds and

plunge them

down the toilet while I lock him in a dungeon

and make him rap battle for bread, cheese and onions

you fucking cock nibbler

you incoherent, idiotic thought scribbler

thinking you're hot, give it a

rest you incessant peasant, you're not nebular

like my supernova bananas ballistic shit,

you autistic bitch

I gripped a witch

by the clit and turned her into fish n' chips

while I licked her tits

and used her period blood mixed with my frickin' jizz

and made a homonculus, which is ex-actly

what lead to your existence, sip

so why don't you zip your lips

or at least stop spittin' shit

that's this ignorant.

1 point

pussy I don't need full bars to roast you

do you have any idea what I go through?

I mean, my fucking penis is so huge

I can't even get my zipper closed, dude

it's so fucking stressful...being so much better

than every other human who existed ever

but still having to weather

the insolence of the fucking internet's scurge

is you gettin' me fuckwit?

with all due respect, I think it's clear that you essentially suck dick

with your incessantly dumb spit

you're presently unfit

to battle me, and hence when we done it's

time for you to accept me as extensively legit

because I'm destined yeah, I'm meant to be the shit

Fiora wants to bow to me and sexually submit

Now here's four lines for all four alien races

cause' we halfway in

and theirs sixteen left, and four times 4 is sixteen, that's multiplication

the essence of the white nation

and two lines make on bar, so that's 32 lines

one short of the number for the snake to arise

but I assure you, up against me you will face your demise

cause' I'm red like the blood that I drank from your spine

but I don't mean to abuse your pussy hole

I just wanna give you a sugery bowl

of lobotomy, oh so surgical

the blue ones will tame your ass and call it merciful

but down to the last expression of binary vaginas

On the path to the black realm, I'm very behind ya

cause' it's the realm of entropy which I don't find very nice, but

you will see it soon because this rhyme is your demise, cunt

DragonBorn(315) Clarified
1 point

How can a retard be dangerous in a long-term strategy scenario?

Well, insane is what I mean by retarded in your case. Like I said I think you are like a savant, you are actually very good at a couple things but also a nutcase and a cerebral insufficient in general.

DragonBorn(315) Clarified
1 point

You are a retarded dick, a dangerous one. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

1 point

You'll be too busy hating Jody and Bronto, to notice itty bitty pussyboy Mingiwuwu in the background, you'll tear them apart won't you? ;)

You're one of the first people I would watch out for actually, what makes you assume otherwise?

2 points

You thinking the first sentence is indeed going to benefit me as you'll be so sure someone else will come for me when the time comes and lose sight of the real threat.

Oh really? Well in that case, if we're ever lost on a desert island together remind me to kill you first.

2 points

The only reason there is any hint of a crime/race correlation is because there is a crime/poverty correlation and black people are disproportionately poor.

Funny how you used to deny that poverty leads to more crime when I brought up the point. Seems like intellectual integrity and honesty is lacking among those who accuse you of intellectual cowardice just for being intellectually not retarded.

What the country was founded on however, were principles that were the foundations on which the entire world began to move past racial distinctions.

First of all racial distinctions? No, the problem isn't racial distinctions, it's when certain races are denied the rights and opportunities granted to others on the basis of race. If there weren't any "distinctions" then the word race wouldn't even exist.

Second of all America was founded on capitalism, not liberty, that is just a bunch of honeyed words that George Washington sold to his troops to get them through the war which was also fed to the public so they would back the revolution. The rich white guys leading the revolution wanted more freedom for themselves first and foremost, everyone else was an afterthought.

Which specific white person?

The thing is, looking for people to blame is the primitive retarded reaction of a type 0 being that believes in free will. There is no one to blame, because it is all a result of culture and conditioning. What has created the African American ghetto sub-culture is the conditions that were created by oppression and slavery, so even if they are not being directly oppressed now they are still being conditioned through generations of poverty and poor education because white supremacy has manufactured those conditions and perpetuated them for hundreds of years prior to their relatively recently granted equal rights under the law.

1 point

Yes , yes here we go again with your other account

I am not his other account but nice attempt at changing the subject ass wipe. Why don't you take a look at this and shut your blowjobbing rimjobbing jizz filled hole.

Still capitalist buddy

Your ass is unwise, so stop trying to be a wise ass. Your ass didn't even pass ass class. A social democracy is a fucking hybrid system you ass wipe, it is partially capitalist and partially socialist.

1 point

the socialist government of Venezuela is now the capitalist government of Venezuela got ya buddy

If you would actually take a second to look, Venezuela has a big private sector.

Also the Scandinavian capitalist countries are now Socialist got ya buddy

They are social democracies.

DragonBorn(315) Clarified
1 point


Has Mingi told you about the flat earth Illuminati aliens or the female calculator theory?

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