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Scientists and environmentalists would like to argue that new technology and technological advancements have resulted in greater environmental efficiency and preservation. In the past, crude methods have been employed in our thirst for energy that were highly inefficient and pollutive. It has resulted in a boost in the quality of people's livelihood as there are lesser amounts of pollutive and harmful chemicals and particles that are emitted which resulted in cleaner air. Consequently, it reduces the smog in the air and a lowering of medical conditions and complications such as asthma and lung disease. For example, in the past, coal has been burned to generate energy by turning heat into energy by turning generator turbines. The burning of such fossil fuels releases large amounts of carbon and soot which would irritate people's breathing and lungs. With the advent of new technology, green technology such as wind turbines and solar panels has been discovered. Solar panels harness the sun's energy and converts it at a rate of roughly 70% into energy. It a emission-free method to generate energy to satiate our uncontrollable thirst for it without causing any carbon footprint. Ultimately, the quality of people's lives will improve,to a certain extent, through the reduced dependency on the burning of soot-producing fossil fuels and relying more on emission-free methods such as solar panels.

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