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1 point

If you think it is as simple as the Swiss are mature and Americans are not then I really do not think this discourse will lead to anything productive.

2 points

Yeah that's an excellent point. We should put these magic alarms on cars to make sure that they can never get burglarized! This would surely make breaking into cars a thing of the past.....

DrewC(2) Clarified
1 point

Meant to be opponent of gun control Meant to be opponent of gun control Meant to be opponent of gun control Meant to be opponent of gun control

3 points

This is one avenue a criminal could go to obtain a firearm. It looks like what you are proving is that criminals won't follow the law when it comes to obtaining a firearm. Weird to think that more gun control would sway them to start obtaining guns legally... How odd that criminals are stealing guns, if only it was illegal to steal guns...

2 points

I think they should close the loophole that one does not need to have a background check if buying a gun at a gunshow. This loophole undermines the entire cause of the gun control laws we have enacted.

2 points

What a novel idea. Maybe within the next 1000 years America will be able to have such an advanced system. Oh wait, America already has security systems for homes so it looks like your argument just flew out the window. Sorry buddy, better luck next time.

1 point

The whole point of bringing up Switzerland is that they are an example of a society with a prevalent gun culture, and they show that more guns does not always coincide with more violence. We have a people problem in America. Mental health is pushed aside and unstable people can do some really bad things. The gun is the tool with which these bad people inflict pain, but getting rid of their tool does not take away their desire to kill. We have to fix the root of the problem, not just address the symptom as that would give time for the problem to increase.

3 points

If the law states that I cannot have a gun but the burglar gets one off the black market, how am I supposed to defend my property? I would much rather have a gun to ward off a criminal than have to put my faith in the police to respond to my 911 call in time to save myself from getting shot or shanked to death while I am defenseless on the phone trying to tell them my address as static takes over the line. By the way, very intelligent of you to generalize an entire country you absolute turtle minded buffoon.

1 point

I can tell that all you know how to do is constantly refresh this site and wait for your next chance to write some troll comments. You seem to be more concerned with my age than even understanding my argument so you can go back to the cave which you came from and keep your ad hominem bologna to yourself. I would write more but I do not wish to waste my time arguing with someone that has the mental capacity of a tomato.

1 point

With that kind of logic what other amendments should we change because they are old? I do not think that the age matters as much as the context of the amendment. Without the second amendment, the first amendment cannot be maintained as it could be taken away within an instant by the right corrupt and devious official.

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