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The federal government of the United States is the federal government of the constitutional republic of fifty states and one district that is the United States of America. The federal government comprises three distinct branches of government: a legislative, an executive and a judiciary branch. These branches and their various powers are delineated in the U.S. Constitution; the powers are specified in greater detail in laws enacted by Congress. Space exploration fires the imagination of people like little else. The 1969 moon landings rank as one of the highest achievements of modern civilization. Now, there is something uncanny about the human need to explore their world, and little captures people’s minds like looking up at the stars and wondering. As a debate topic, space exploration would do the same thing. Like it or not, cross-examination debate participation numbers are declining. A topic like this could fire the imagination of potential debaters, and the easy accessibility of this topic would make the learning curve on the subject less steep than other topics which often require a more detailed background. It has been an interesting year for the United States space program. Therefore, President Barack Obama announced in February 2010 that the Constellation program, which was supposed to replace the retiring Space Shuttle program as the US’s manned space-flight vehicle, would be cancelled. With this, the fate of the International Space Station (ISS) is very much in doubt; with US reliance on Russian built and operated Soyuz capsules as the only way to send astronauts to the orbiting platform.

2 points

Space exploration fires people’s imaginations. The 1969 moon landings rank as one of the highest

achievements of modern civilization. There is something uncanny about the human need to explore

the universe. Discussing space exploration and development would have the same effect. A topic like

this could spark the imagination of potential debaters, and the easy accessibility of materials would

make the learning curve on the subject manageable. This is a critical time in the United States space

program. The status of the National Aeronautics and Space and Administration is in limbo, especially

concerning human spaceflight. The Space Shuttle is retiring in the fall of 2010, with no possible US

replacement available before 2015. In addition, NASA has an unclear mandate/direction to explore

either the Moon or Mars. This is balanced against NASA’s recent success with robotic exploration,

such as the Mars rovers and the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as increased private sector growth.

Affirmative cases could include astronomical surveys, setting new goals for human spaceflight, using

new probes to examine celestial bodies in our solar system or beyond, and developing space

economies. The technological and economic benefits of the space program are well documented.

Negative arguments could include the increased militarization of space, the significant cost in money

and resources, time frame arguments and the need to focus more on problems concerning the Earth,

such as climate change.

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