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RSS Dyst_22

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The Articles of Confederation gave the states more power than they could handle. The states were like countries and the nation as a whole was like a continent with no order. Under the Articles, there was no unity between states, so there was no point of having a federal gov't to try to regulate with states. The Constitution gave the country a set of rules that would guarantee unity.

1 point

We should move to a new Constitution because the states had too much power, and it would be better if we split the power into three branches so nobody has too much power. A strong central government is the best way to govern our country. The constitution is the best way to protect the people's rights, so everyone can be treated equally. (Federalist)

Dyst_22(4) Clarified
1 point

It has been reported that Kim is backing away from firing the missiles at Guam. But even though pulled away from his decision , he could always have something up his sleeve. During this time, I feel as though it would be the perfect time to talk to him one on one without a lot of tension. Because in 1994, North Korea and the US sign an Agreed Framework under which Pyongyang commits to freezing its nuclear program in return for heavy fuel oil and two light-water nuclear reactors. So I feel as though they can make another agreement like this.

1 point

Dystaney- Option 3

I chose option 3 because I feel that it would be the best option, and also that if we talked to North Korea one on one, we could probably make a deal instead of waiting or doing something that would make the U.S. go to war with North Korea (also with their allies). b6240502.html This article also supports my side.

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