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RSS Educate_Loud

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Educate_Loud(3) Clarified
1 point

Congress is more powerful because they have power over financial and general welfare of the United States. Money controls a lot of what the government does, and that is basically what congress has in power. Congress started the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921, which stopped money going into war. Without congress creating this Act in 1921, the president would have no control over the finances in government today. Therefore, the president can thank congress for being able to have a say in the governments finances.

1 point

Congress is more powerful because they have the power over all finances and general welfare of the United States, unlike the executive. After all, money is over all these days, right? Congress reformed its funding process to handle the governments new demands after the Civil War in 1865. This created the Budget and Accounting Act of 1921. Without Congress doing this, the president would have never been able to create a comprehensible budget.

1 point

The federalists are not trying to take over the government for themselves, but for everyone!! We believe that the bigger the government the more of a voice each individual can have. We do not just pass laws that are good for us, but the ones that are good for all.

1 point

A strong government is what is going to get us a larger militia, out of debt, and make everything more equal... isn't that what you want?

1 point

PG. 338 section 8 (constitution is going to create a strong national government)

3 points

As a federalist, I believe we must tax individuals because of how big the US is in debt. Everyone has played a part in Americas debt, therefore everyone should play a part in getting the government back up. If we do not tax individuals, we will not have a strong military. It will become smaller and not as ready. If we give taxing powers to central government, they can help the US get back on our feet debt wise through taxing. If we do not allow central government to control our debts, the US is slowly draining.

2 points

When the antifederalists were arguing against the idea of a big republic, us federalists tried to give them a reasoning behind our idea of a big republic throught the constitution (pg. 335-356). They were concerned about having too little democracy, they want enumerated powers. Federalists tried explaining that having a large, strong, national government was better. Why? Because the bigger the group the bigger the voice and say you have in the government, also making it a more equal play.

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