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RSS Eldensword

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Can we switch from the use of nukes? Honestly, aside from the surface issues of a nuke party for a while, has anyone really looked at the equations of the density of our surface/ crust? What we think we can do at best regarding pollution is create a drop in the bucket. We can kill everything on the surface according to the calculations. That's right calculations, not actual proven stats but assumptions. Mankind assumes it can ruin this planet for all time. That is egotistical and ignorant. There are equations everywhere these days that show us the density of the Earth's crust in relation to us surface dwellers. She mathematically doesn't even know we are here! We're a spec of a spec of dust on the skin of an Elephant. All the oil we use is less than a mile below the surface of the crust. The tricky part is attitude. We have to put effort into everything as part of the principle of learning our lessons. Just because I do not believe we have the wherewithal to even scratch the Earth or harm her in any way, I still take responsibility for my actions. I don't kill animals, even ants. I respect the level of design and sophistication of their existence.

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