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RSS EllsBells

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2 points

My attitude would be to ban it as I find it has no place in the UK and given almost any country which is predominantly Muslim has incredible issues preventing them from becoming a civilised, well rounded society as well as having a complete clash of principles with western ideologies in terms of homosexuality and equality.

2 points

It does not matter what a majority of people say or do, their belief system is that of oppression and dominance which when brought into the modern world takes the form of terrorism.

1 point

Completely right. I think when we respectfully look at Islam and other religions one thing keeps it from being collated with most others. Islam is not about integration.... it is about dominance. All other religions are typically able to integrate and do not force an agenda by encouraging it's followers to lie, cheat and deceive to force it's agenda. Simply reading the Qur'an and hadith gives a great insight to how they promote dominance and kills anyone in their way.

I was once told by a Muslim I dated around 5 years ago, 'we do not seek to integrate or accept any of your ways of life and beliefs... we never said we would when moving from Iran to the UK. You let us come over and do this with open arms and so we have.... if someone stands on a street corner giving away money, would you take it? Sure you would! But would you stand with them and give your money away too? Most likely not'. Although this made me a bit mad, I completely understood their point.

Islam has no place in the UK in my opinion and not really much in the world generally. Practically any other religion I wouldn't have a problem with.

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