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RSS Emperor

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Gary Johnson.



2 points

The guy who would slaughter his children if he thought he heard god speaking to him reassures you?

I'd put your confidence in less insane people, personally.

1 point

Again? Look through all 1000 of my previous debates, along with any other atheist's debates on this site. I have debunked every godlike claim, and any claims I've missed, I'm sure the rest of the atheists here have covered. It's up to you to understand the logic though, which you cannot do, apparently.

Emperor(1348) Clarified
1 point

Yes, you could also be the most brilliant, intelligent and knowledgeable people in the world, and with your logic, it wouldn't be possible to say "Fairies, genies, leprechauns don't exist".

Those things don't exist, and neither does a god for the same reason. Do not test semantics so far, please.

For all intents and purposes genies, gods, leprechauns and fairies do not exist. If you want to prove a god, then do so, but I have never seen proof, just people ranting about how it's real and how faith justifies their belief.

Faith justifies nothing, just as it wouldn't justify the existence of tiny invisible green people living in bushes.

God doesn't exist.

Emperor(1348) Clarified
1 point

No, I am extremely positive that gods don't exist in any form.

Burden of proof has shown how weak religion clings to the idea of gods, but as for any gods actually exist...

I've seen that people who believe in gods are often severely mentally addled, such as Srom, Lolzors, Dana and other people.

The more strongly you believe in imaginary deities, the more insane one appears.

This makes me think that because there's no proof, only the most insane people believe in it, and because science can explain the natural world, while all religions have been proven to either be dead wrong or "metaphor" gods do not exist.

Because of this, Dana is insane and no god loves her, for no god exists.

1 point

You know how you used to think Santa Claus was real?

Santa isn't real.

God isn't real.

God can't love you because gods don't exist.

Emperor(1348) Clarified
1 point

Sorry, I didn't see it. But the fact we BOTH agree on the same source means the chance of us being wrong is now only half as likely. =D

2 points

That's completely insane and makes no sense.

That's just... dumb.

1 point

Well, I suppose you're right. Mermaids are a bit illogical, not to mention the lack of proof.

I suppose I'll just say I hope they exist and if evidence ever arises that proves they DO exist, I'll be there to show you. =D

1 point

Why do we need proof?

I don't think we need to wonder about it. Those questions just make mermaids seem more unlikely.

If we want to believe in mermaids then who are you to say they aren't real?

Have you ever even gone deeper than 500 feet into an ocean?

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