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1 point

previously mentioned nations have been able to create environments

And now most murders there are done with other weapons. England banned guns, and now they have a homicide by knife problem, and the number of violent crimes has increased.

1 point

create environments sufficiently law abiding for their respective populations to be able to go about their everyday business without the necessity of carrying firearms like the old Wild West.

Some of these governments kill their own people en masse with guns. Disarming them didn't help them there genius.

2 points

The agents were part of a team that fatally shot the gunman, ending an attack

Good guys with guns killed the shooter. How did you plan to stop him? Give him roses? friday/index.html

1 point

What party are self sufficient people a part of?

Libs live in a bubble world where you just call a Conservative to fix your problem, whatever it is. So it's not them.

2 points

Hmm? We're poised for an economic BOOM. Who'd belive that Joe Biden could do that?

For 4 years you said the economy and the stock market had nothing to do with the President but had more to do with the prior administration. Too bad you said that already and now can't take credit for anything.

1 point

Never met a Republican who didn't want to fix pot holes, but good work on inventing a fake characature of a group to feel better about being a bigot.

2 points

To get the 1% their slave labor and to exploit minorities.

2 points

To get the 1% their slave labor and to exploit minorities.

1 point

A lot of black men were killed by the left last year. You were too chicken shit to say anything. You mentioned the cops. The cops you're talking about are in liberal cities controlled by liberals. Digest that. Then get back with me about those bullets in the back that came from your guns.

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