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RSS Enixailia

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

o really because if you read your textbooks in highschool you would have learned that the war was not only about slavery but pride the union was constantly stating that the south were below them and honestly the whole slavery thing just tipped the wagon

1 point

i love u david ur the most amazingest best friend ever even though this debate is really seriouse im gonna bring it down a notch love yous

2 points

omg its so fuking stupid cuz u no what thats your child your killing your own flesh and blood okay yall guys out there say you get a girl knocked up then she wants an abortion so you would let them kill your child and girls your gonna regret it cuz later on your gonna have kids and think damn i cant believe i killed one of my own babies if you end up getting raped theres adoption deal with it cuz we are all delt bad hands at one time or another it depends on how you handle it are you gonna make it worse with evil or better with love

1 point

hello im a fucking wiccan bitch and they are real witchcraft is used in rituals but they arer not satinist obviously or else they would be called satanists bitch come at me yo ill beat yo ass

1 point

woohoo im an orange person cuz i love nikolodian even though im way to old for i miss seeing people get slimed i also miss pick boy hmmmmmmmm

1 point

actually the alignment of planets DO affect such things the lighting and gravitational pull applied by them causes emotional effects which sometimes causes child birth or sometimes even conception havent you ever wondered why a date under the stary sky is romantic

1 point

heyyyyy Im american! but we r a dumb cuntry but at least were funnay!!!! do ya lyk waffles yes i lyk waffles do ya like pancakes not as much as waflles do ya like french toast yes i like french toast.....

1 point

WAFFLES!!!!!!! I have a friend in Belgum and shez awesomeful but i wuv waffles specially chocolate chip ones mmmmmmmmm :S

1 point

what is your definition of redneck then! i do fly my rebel flag with pride 1 because its my high schools flag and 2 because it represents the south I am a huge southern girl and think that the civil war wasnt just about slavery it was about sectionalism and rights i dont like slavery but i do think that the yankees weren't nice people they destroyed homes and killed many children wheras the rebels came in smaller groups and fought mainly soldiers and tried desperately not to harm innocent and yankees burned homes raised taxes and took hostages!!!

1 point

you yourself are being prejudice by calling red necks idiots i assure you that the food at you supermarket most likely came from a farm wher more than likely they talk with a southern drawl and don't care for city behavior I used to live on a farm and i will assure you that red necks are not idiots we are usually farther ahead in our schooling then others in our vast country

Winning Position: We need snitches

About Me

"im crazy dnt trust me dnt trust a hoe dnt trust a hoe dnt trust a hoe dnt trust me"

Biographical Information
Name: lena morris
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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