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Trump/ Conservative Hardliner

The argument that this trade deal is beneficial to both parties is highly controversial and false. The deal was made 2 years ago and the economy of Iran has still not recovered from the oil market price drops and the heavy sanctions that are still in place with this deal. Political strength in Iran is measured by the status of their economy so Rouhani is being viewed as noneffective. This will give strength to Ahmadinejad, a hard line conservative, who if he wins will not support this deal and most likely withdraw from the deal. Even though the deal ensures that Iran can not develop uranium enrichment past 3.67% if retracted from the deal it will only take a year for Iran to develop nuclear uranium.

1 point

In a world where we are more connected than ever, it is a priority that we protect ourselves from the vast threats that are posed against us. When people say that it's in the constitution that we must protect freedom of speech, they are not incorporating today's world. When the founding fathers drafted the constitution there was no threat in the world by radical Islams in mass terror attacks. I respect a religion that may persecute against a person that goes against their beliefs as long as it isn't physical. Once you bring in physical harm to a person, the question of should we respect it is discarded almost in a sense. The few radical extremist who practice killing other "fake" Muslims in the UK should not be accepted, because you are ending a human life just because he is practicing his own religion. Any society that promotes democracy should allow freedom of belief and practice, but should not permit these practices once it causes physical harm to other people.

Supporting Evidence: argument against tolerance for intolerance (
1 point

The whole reason for the implementation of the wall is for the increased security on illegal immigrants from Mexico. Trump has generalised the immigrants as," rapists and criminals". His argument is based on the accusation that all of the immigrants coming from Mexico will create an unsafe environment in our country. Even though there is a part of the immigrants that do have a criminal record it does match with his description of them. The facts show that only 6.5 to 7 percent of all these immigrants has a criminal record and have been convicted of the crime. This does not compare to the 40 percent of white males that have records and 50 percent African American males that have records, which all are US citizens.Mexican illegal detainment has also stepped up its illegal immigration capture rate from central American countries. This decreases the flow of immigrants trying to come into our country that also contributes to our assumption that the illegals coming over the border are all Mexican.

The building of the wall is not a cheap operation to carry out. The US Senate has stated that the wall could cost anywhere from 15 to 25 Billion dollars to cost. Trump has stated that Mexico will be the country to will pay for the wall in the end. He plans on doing this by implementing a 20 percent tax on all goods that are exported from Mexico to the US. Even though this is a good idea in thought but the implementation it will have on us US citizens will be big. The tax on these goods will in correlation raise the price it will cost us to purchase these goods at the stores. Mexico is our third largest trading partner with a trading total of 500 billion dollars a year. The largest export from Mexico is car parts which can be an expensive and complicated taxing process. The majority of mexican parts are not finished products but are shipped over for final assembly in the US. This will make mexican companies raise their prices so that they can make a profit making it less appealing for US companies to buy from Mexico.

The separation of two countries also goes against the general trend of globalisation. We would be fragmenting from Mexico in a way decreasing the amount of trade. The wall construction and the leaving of the TTP will decrease the flow of goods and products from what it could be.

Supporting Evidence: USA Today articles on Illegal crime rate (
2 points

Not that you didn't bring up great points to support your argument but I do disagree with a couple of your points. The main proposition of the deal is to increase the wages and health conditions of those oversees jobs so that there will be less outsourcing of our jobs. The TTP has not been put in place so there are no jobs to be added for the citizens and money to go for our economy. All transnational corporations that are already in the US have been lobbying for decades to get bills passed to help benefit their profit. For example look at the private prison system within the US. There is 25 million spent on lobbying spent on prison laws while they make a profit of 3.3 Billion dollars a year.

2 points

The Trans Pacific Partnership or ,TTP, is perhaps one of the deciding factors in the future of our great free market, capitalist US of A. There are great arguments for both sides of the argument , however I believe that the dignity of a nation is outweighed by the plethora of opportunities presented by the deal. I think that the trade in theory is a good idea but it takes cooperation between all the countries , but it we all cooperate we could create an amazing multilateral trade deal.

The main goal of the deal is to decrease tariffs on trade between Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam. It will also increase wages and the quality health environments in the Asian countries and to help reduce outsourcing jobs from the US which will also boost our own economy at the same time.

A main bonus in this deal for the US is the exclusion of China from the 350 Billion dollars in trade between them and Japan. The 12 countries in the deal account roughly for 40 percent of the worlds economy. This will help the flow of trade in between these countries and to promote a healthier market. The exclusion of China will not boost any one of our economies but will help to slow down the rapid growth of China's rapidly expanding GDP and economy.

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