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1 point

History is written by people in that day. Historians tear up truth and put in what they want. If you leave history alone and just read what was there then it would be clear. But, if you mess with it and don't just leave it be and say it couldn't be that is when you get in trouble.

1 point

There is only one Sin of death and that is denying Christ as Savior.

1 point

Man, you need to read before you say I name called.

The chicken noodle Grandma was in reference to soup. For in evolution you came from soup.

Evidence that evolution is a religion. You believe we just appeared. I believe God.

Viable science. Deterioration. Which, is from sin. Since creation is based from the Bible.

1 point

I guess it really isn't the most down votes, but is what the audience thought of the debate. Therefore there will be voting.

1 point

You are correct I was wrong about that statement.

I didn't read word for word, but I did scan them all. There was a lot of good research that can prove both sides. Now, I have one question if we all were to evolve from one creature based on evolution. Then, why are the old ones still around? Why isn't there just one species?

1 point

I love those so called evidences that are misinterpreted. Let's see Noah's flood seashells on top of mountains. Proof for the creationist. Young Earth, yeah around 6,000 years , any older you have major issues. The one I love is Sun shrinkage. Let it grow we burn up before 1 millinion years. Therefore Creationism explains evolution trips.

So please explain seashells on mountains, If the sun was to grow back to the size it was when you think where would earth be. Explain how evoultion is not based upon faith. Therefore it is likewise religion not science.

1 point

Show me the evidence and I will never call it a religion again. Otherwise, go eat some chicken and noodle grandma.

2 points

Give me one good piece of evidence that evolution has. Since, this is always your claim of about your religion. Creation has theirs evolution doesn't.

1 point

If there was valid evidence for God, I am sure most atheists would be happy to accept his existence.

There is it’s called creation. You just don’t accept it.

This is absolute nonsense. Nonsense looks to me like you don’t have a good argument or stable ground anymore.

Fantastic for you, keep it up. Don't assume it's enough for everybody. Evidence is for everyone to see. That is why it is evidence??

Scripture is not forensic evidence by any stretch of the imagination. At best, it is bystander testimony. To continue with the murder metaphor, it is akin to coming upon a murder scene and convicting someone when there is absolutely no evidence for their guilt except someone shouting, "I saw them do it!" Thank you for the correction, but you still have eye witness. Still going to jail. Also, Scripture is made of several writers therefore several eye witnesses.

You are wrong on both counts. Scripture has been scientifically refuted in a myriad of instances. Religious people constantly squabble over various pet interpretations of the rest of it. Feel free to continue believing it, but realize it is poor evidence when you are trying to convince logical or scientific people of the validity of your position. Love your spirit, but you have no proof that scripture has been disproven by so called “science”. In fact, you are totally wrong. Look it up.

When you make a claim, it's your job to provide evidence for it if you want other people to believe it. Wow, you said exactly what I said only with fluff. You still have nothing to disprove God is false. I have already proved God is true.

1 point

Love the double negative. My guess is you didn't go to school.

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