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RSS EvilJew

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1 point

The name "Jew" given to these ethnic groups is an arbitrary word and nothing more

Is the name "African" arbitrary as well?

1 point

Judaism is a race as well as a religion. You are a jew if you were born a jew, just as one is chinese if he was born chinese, and a male if he was born a male.

1 point

Hitler wasn't trying to prevent jews from controlling the economy.

Hitler, like every dictator, needed a national villain.

And murdering the rothschilds?!!! can financial issues justify murder?

1 point

most people don't know who the hell Twenty One Pilots are

How do you define "most people"? Anyone who follows mainstream music knows them.

Face it, you're generations music won't endure.

You mean fame-wise? Since when is fame the judge on what music is good?

1 point

They just are. Period. There's no two ways about it. Change my mind.

2 points

I'd agree with you but then I'd be arguing like a leftist.

1 point

This interests me particularly given that liberals are mostly atheists

Oh, it's certainly a secular religion. I mean religion in that it has a specific dogma which you have to abide by, and most importantly, that you are labeled as a racist/sexist/homophobic (read: heretic) if you disagree.

1 point

Do you mean I'm a figurative circle or a literal one???????

1 point

Alright, now that your objective fact has been stated, maybe you could explain to me the difference between leftism and any other religion?

1 point

No I am not him. I know this site is infested with trolls like that but I joined it last night and hope to have a logical debate.

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