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RSS EvilMarxist

Reward Points:27
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1 point


Yeah that's one of the things Peter said in zeitgeist funnily enough. Remember that part when he talked about how we must protect the internet because it allows for the free exchange of ideas? I actually told her about you too, it was at the part where he talks about 9/11 and I was surprised how open she was to the idea that it was an inside job. I told her about the article you wrote and at some time I want to show that to her.

0 points

That word "Mingiwuwu" is it code for "I don't know anything because I believe in magic calculators that create flat earth simulations by having sex with numbers" ?

EvilMarxist(27) Clarified
2 points

love can be worser than ever

You could have typed that out a bit more eloquently you know. Just saying. Next time try something like "love can be a detriment if you love the wrong thing".

1 point

Well, in a way she sacrificed her body. She also sacrificed her money and time.

EvilMarxist(27) Clarified
1 point


What do you think love means? .

1 point

Probably, I don't know because I've never tried it but I wouldn't be surprised.

2 points

Why is it never hot girls who do stuff like this, then I'd be cool with it.

1 point

May as well. He's just gunna end up eating up resources in jail anyway. May as well exterminate the disease.

1 point

There is a tank near my house at a war memorial. Someone tried to make it operational and steal it but they were caught and put in jail.

1 point

Tell me all about how gun bans work ? You got some information ???????

Why don't you just scamper off now little britches. We wouldn't want your pants to shrink any more while you're in public, or we might see something unsightly.

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About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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