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1 point

My argument was that just because we do not understand how to do something now does not mean it is necessarily impossible.

The debate question is do you think it is possible. I responded with evidence showing that it is unlikely. That being said, I would change my mind if new evidence is presented.

2 points

I will admit that at the current situation it is entirely unknown. I will assume that time travel is talking about time travelling to the past. That being said time travel could be possible in the way we are current traveling 1 second per 1 second, gravitational time dilation, and other means. That being said time travel to the past suffers from many paradoxes such as the grandfather paradox, predestination paradox, and more. It is possible that a parallel universe could allow for it but no such evidence for one exists. Again, it is highly theoretical but under our current understanding of the universe, time travel seems to be impossible at least in a single universe. That being said science is about changing our ideas and I might change my opinion if the existence of multiple universes is confirmed or supported by a significant amount of evidence.

That being said, none/few evidence at the moment supports the multiverse theory which would be most likely necessary for it to work. Although, it may be possible and we simply haven't discovered that it could incur in a single-universe. Although, few solutions have been answered. That being said I saw a possible solution to the grandfather paradox using quantum mechanics that you can read in the link below.

Supporting Evidence: Time Traveler Grandfather Paradox Solution (
1 point

Also, as I thought the question was trolling I simply stated my opinion and moved on as it had a high chance of getting deleted. I posted my arguments on the other argument.

Explorer(187) Clarified
1 point

Okay, I understand.

1 point

Why, does it offend your moral sensibilities?

Yes? Not sure why this got downvoted? His actions did not increase utility, I personally disagree with him on moral absolutionism grounds as well. Did you downvote me?

1 point

My point is you are saying the Biblical creators purposely painted the God of the Bible evil? This makes no sense as the Bible paints the God of the Bible as good. (Psalm 100:5) There is no Bible verse that states that God is evil. That is all I am stating. Is that what you meant?

Explorer(187) Clarified
1 point

He posted in the description the following that makes me think he isn't.

"I think killing innocent Jewish people was a very wrong thing Hitler had done."

-Debate Poster

Explorer(187) Clarified
1 point

Umm... I think this question answered itself...

How so? It is possible that some only survive in zoos.

Explorer(187) Clarified
1 point

I'm not entirely sure of that. If so, it does raise the question on why he choose the non-offending side.

0 points

I don't think this should even be a question....

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