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RSS FWisSatan

Reward Points:2
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2 points

I will forgive you once more

Nobody wants your forgiveness. They want you to leave the planet and never return.

3 points

The entire point of this discussion is about these LGBT unnatural sexual attractions

No, the entire point is that they are NOT unnatural. You keep insisting they are because you are a ruthlessly ignorant bigot who ignores everything which contradicts his own beliefs.

1 point

Hey fool, there are no Gay animals in nature! Show me one pet or farm animal, that is Gay.

Lol. Why are you SO STUPID????????

List of animals displaying homosexual behavior

1 point

Hey fool, maybe you missed it. In nature some animals kill their own young.

As a reaction to social conflict, which again happens as a result of nature.

So under your sick logic, it is a natural thing to kill our young?

Everything which happens in nature is natural. You can't apply moral arguments to nature you pitifully stupid imbecile. Nature doesn't have morality. Open a book for once in your pathetic life:-

Infanticide caused by sexual conflict has the general theme of the killer (often male) becoming the new sexual partner of the victim's parent, which would otherwise be unavailable.[3] This represents a gain in fitness by the killer, and a loss in fitness by the parents of the offspring killed. This is a type of evolutionary struggle between the two sexes, in which the victim sex may have counter-adaptations that reduce the success of this practice.[3] It may also occur for other reasons, such as the struggle for food between females. In this case individuals may even kill closely related offspring. )

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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