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10 most recent arguments.
5 points

I just caught you being a cointel ops zionist shill MOSSAD agent.

4 points

If you cared about what happened to Tesla you would be attacking people like Antrim not me and Mathfan. If Tesla wanted to be rich more than anything and never came up with controversial inventions or theories but instead just focused on getting rich then maybe he could have been, but since he focused on being a real intellectual and a real benefit to the human race instead he was shit on by capitalism. Do you get the point now doofus?

5 points

Einstein was no Nikola Tesla. His theories where contoversial at the time but they didn't threaten the "robber baron" type people or the governments control over the people.

6 points

Nomenclature, I just caught you using your Quantumhead account to downvote Mathfan and upvote the politically biased bullshit

FactMachine(430) Clarified
1 point

You are intellectually inferior to me, yet you think you can just dismiss my wisdom and insult me because of your own failure to comprehend it or even respect your betters enough to read their words? You have earned yourself the constant assault of my elite trolling forces.

More incoherent gibberish, you are just too butthurt whenever someone criticizes judaism to even formulate a decent response. That's right, I never said I respect jewish culture, I've been perfectly consistent about that you cerebrally contused jack ass. You are just pulling nonsense out of the ethereal plane of bullshit, I haven't lied nor have I been inconsistent about anything.

Damn you're stupid, when did I ever condone nazism? You are such an intellectually dishonest conflationary idiot. I hate nazis and I don't support genocide or that type of racial bigotry, I support the end of superstition and the sick practices and bigoted beliefs that the Talmud condones.

FactMachine(430) Clarified
1 point

inability to understand the world in which you live.

You think the highest form of intelligence and superiority is to use a made up social construct to attain materialistic pleasure. You don't value the real people who understand the world like scientists as much as you value people who understand how to acquire a conceptual excuse to get your way that was made up in the minds of humans. Money is a social construct, as I already pointed out there are plenty of economists and business people who can't understand Einsteins equations, but who knows more about "reality" ? OBVIOUSLY Einstein does, yet who does society reward the most? The one who is an expert in SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS

Have you ever heard the tale of Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla? Of course not, it's not a story the capitalists would tell you...

Your assertion that people who have the intelligence to adapt to their environment and develop the necessary skills to succeed are all scoundrels

I didn't say ALL, I said A LOT, there are plenty of people who actually have earned their wealth, and plenty of people who where just handed everything in life or attained wealth through devious means and use it for nefarious bullshit, an example of all three of those is George Soros.

I am a God compared to you, you are just a spoiled baby who thinks you are better than everyone because you where handed everything in life. One day people will be rewarded for actually being worth something and not just for singing some shitty generic pop song, being born in a rich family or money grubbing their way to wall street. Even within this fake system I will find my way to the top, and I will not just be sipping Dom Perignon and lazing around on my yacht, I will actually produce something of value in this world unlike the useless wastes of resources you call "superior"

I care about the truth more than what others think of me, I know what I believe, I don't hate Jews on a racial basis like many of them hate and look down on me because I am a goy, I hate jewish culture and religion like I hate Islam but that doesn't mean I hate arabic people or people who are racially jewish. You are a dumb ass who can't face the truth that your ancient tribal cult is inherently bigoted and just as barbaric as islam or any other middle eastern religion.

Oooookay well rabbis still suck baby penis and Judaism still promotes the idea that Jews are racially superior which makes judaism inherently racist so I win.

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