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RSS FactPolice2

Reward Points:28
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Nom defends Hitler's positions by defending Islam taking Hitler's positions.

Shut your pie hole you loopy nonce. Your mother should have gotten a hysterectomy.

FactPolice2(28) Clarified
2 points

He did it in the last 36 hours (less than 48 but probably above 24, IDK) he said apparently Pol Pot was framed and it was American carpet bombings that the whole issue in Cambodia was caused by.

Citation needed.

FactPolice2(28) Clarified
2 points

Nom genuinely believes that Hamas are the good leaders of Palestine that are democratic and benevolent.

Is that so Nom or no?

Cause' I'm guessing no.

FactPolice2(28) Clarified
1 point

Context is key. Go back the debate that I posted that in and look at the title.

I don't even remember the debate you posted it in, it was ages ago.

1 point

I fully understand RBE, Communist China is the only nation to ever have tried something close to it. The other Communist nations never bothered to 'rank' people in their 'equal society'. China ignored the contradiction in that and had some kind of RBE.

Your understanding of it is literally comparable to the level of understanding Alex Jones showed when he debated Peter Joseph.

FactPolice2(28) Clarified
1 point

This isn't a fucking argument. I have never seen Nom defending Pol Pot and you didn't address why you think letting one person get tortured is scum of the earth tier whereas using chemical weapons on children for the sole purpose of taking land is fine and dandy.

FactPolice2(28) Clarified
1 point

When you said Fiora has sex with binary sequences and gives birth to code, it's hard to imagine that not being entirely original from your own unique nuttyness.

0 points

I know that you must be sent to the gulag and forced to shovel coal 16 hours a day until you fucking drop dead BWAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

1 point

No, but apparently if you let one person get tortured that is worse than using chemical weapons on little kids in order to steal land.

1 point

You're not particularly intelligent but you are above average.

My main intelligence is not the kind that is innate or measurable on an IQ test. My intelligence was derived from the way I learn to think, not from actual raw intelligence.

Nom is average.

That is absolute bullshit. I dare you to take an IQ test and compare your results with Nom. I bet it's well above yours. Unlike me he actually has a high level of IQ type intelligence as opposed to relying on wisdom and knowledge like I do.

I have talked to other intelligent people in and out of my family

How open are they to all your theories? I am willing to bet no one you ever told actually considered everything to the extent that I did.

Winning Position: Democracy

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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