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RSS Factocracy

Reward Points:346
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

I already know you're a right winger Mingi. I also know that you care more about how mean or brutal someone's language overtly is than the disinformation being spread by right wingers and that you're too stupid to realize that many dangerous people will never admit how dangerous they are whereas relatively harmless people might say things that are extreme but only leave it as words.

1 point

All you have to do is decide to baselessly adopt a ludicrous belief system on pure faith, and you can be promised eternal life after death that there is no proof is waiting for you.

1 point

I still love you honey. I'm not perfect either, and hat is why I need Jesus.

In other words your imperfection is why you believe in Jesus. This is very true but not for the reasons you think. But hey, it's not that I'm perfect or that I know everything, it's just that I am closer to being perfect and know more.

1 point

Why are you bringing up your past? .

1 point

No, whether he does it or not is the most relevant part because you're accusing him of THREATENING people you deceptive little weasel.

0 points

Exactly, you are too retarded to even entertain the notion that anything other than what you believe is true, and that is why you will never grow as a person or overcome your own objective stupidity. You spew things that are objectively and verifiably wrong and won't let anyone assist you in not being such a hateful little retard.

Factocracy(346) Clarified
1 point

FromWithin is so fucking stupid that he's beyond any sense, and he deserves no respect whatsoever because he literally thinks anyone who disagrees with him is a "fool" and a "liar" and won't give any human being who happens to smarter than him the time of day. He exists for the sole purpose of being stupid and disrespecting smart people, and this is an example of who you think Nom is a "sociopath" for treating them like the shit that they are.

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Winning Position: awesome
Winning Position: What do you think of the Democratic candidates so far?
Winning Position: Can a Jew be a German Muslim?
Winning Position: Can Jesus theoretically just brainwash everyone into believing in him with voodoo?
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Christians sacrificed animals before satanists did

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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