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RSS Faggitm8

Reward Points:7
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I like panties .....................................................................................................................................

1 point

Good point there me. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 point

For the next couple of arguments I will simply farm points and will not wtrite anything useful but itl mean il win LOLOLOL

1 point

In the woman in black, the house is described as having towers. Towers have triangles therefore pythagoras is the answer to everything. Also if the previous statement was wrong, then why does the illuminati (a symbol of knowledge and seeing everything) uses a triangle or pyramid as their symbol. BOOM! SUCK ON THAT BITCH!

1 point

As pythagoras has always said " triangles are the answer to everything!!!!!!"

1 point

To quote a famous scientist " maths takes the devotion of many lives" which means that u nid to scrifice moar livs to b gud at mafs

1 point

More favourable thin u my le phallus cutting friend hahahahahahahahaha

1 point

These points are ALL MOOT. If we consider the fact that time travel is possible, the energy required to achieve the speed required to travel back in time to witness the event of multiple american presidents engaging in fisticuffs is far too big to achieve with current technology, and also, this scenario requires travel forward in time to be possible. Hypothetically speaking , I theories that it might be possible after accelerating past the speed of light and to a speed where the object travelling back in time, would be travelling back in time at a fast enough speed to negate the effect of going back in time and instead would propel you forwards in time. However, as I have already said the energy required for this would be immense and the process of travelling forwards in time is only a theory which means that it probably is not even possible. I am sorry to have to crush you dreams this way but scientifically speaking, a scenario where multiple presidents from different periods of time fought each other is only possible with cloning, and as almost all remains of some of these presidents are gone, even that is doubtful especially if you consider the fact that cloning is a very taboo subject in modern times, with some scientists being banned from even trying to clone people.

1 point

I would simply like to point out that I got an U star on my last assessment whilst you only got and A therefore I am clearly superior to you on every intellectual level as well as the noble study of penology. And also to quote a four year 0old child did you take a shower today cos I don't think it worked BITCH!!!! PYTHAGORAS IS DI ANSA TO EVERYTING M8!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 point

I agree. Most people who have experienced vaginal or (if you are homosexual) anal sex, rarely go back to masturbation afterwards, because even though masturbation is a good way to release pressure and is an easy way to quickly achieve an orgasm it simply does not compare to the feeling you get when you share a sexual act with a partner. I am not opposed to masturbation, I just think that there are better ways to get sexual pleasure and most people who masturbate don't exactly look like sophisticated members of society and are often outsiders in society, due to some kind of disorder.

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