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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Grownups can't be hurt by words. Pass it on. Let's make not being adult children the new trend with Democrats.

1 point

Is the world headed for WW III??

The liberals empowered China, and now China is ready to destroy them and anyone near them. Way to go you stupid, child brained jackasses. The only way to be a Democrat nowadays is to have your head shoved fully up your ass and be in denial of all of reality.

1 point

Could have male only, female only, and unisex. Go to whichever you are comfortable with Homey.

0 points

SWAT.. You mean the cops dressed up as soldiers with their tanks and flash bang grenades??

Americans are NOT the enemy. Fuck the cops..

If Liberal cops in liberal cities are so evil and racist, why do you keep electing the Democrats that hire them?

1 point

They murdering cop shot him

You never mention the white guys killed by police? Why not?

1 point

Being shot at and missed doesn't give him the right to shoot the suspect IN the back while he was running AWAY from you.

Why not? He turned toward him with a metal object in his hand that he stole from someone else. You would have shot him too. We both know you would have.

1 point

DUDE! I dunno how to tell you this, but MURDER is a crime, and protesting is a Constitutional RIGHT!!!

You don't see the difference, huh?? DUDE!

But the left HAS murdered people during these riots.

1 point

Amid confusion, WHO clarifies that COVID-19 can be spread without symptoms

"Can be spread" doesn't contradict "is rare".

1 point

And people who are against flag burning are pro authoritarianism and fascism.

The Fascists fought America and its flag.

I can play this game too.

You really need to get better.

1 point

Ok, you can think libs are commies.. I think right wingers are fascists..

Libs aren't Commies. Commies have become a large part of the Democratic Party. Many liberals have swapped parties because they can see what is running the modern day Democratic Party. Communists.

Leftists say the right are Fascists, but it's not them destroying cities, now is it?

What we OUGHTA being talking about is where will the first shot be fired in our upcoming civil war?? I'm fucking MORE than ready..

No you aren't. You won't even know who is who.

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