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RSS Fangz

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1 point

People like Trump have always won in the end and always will. Its better to join the "dark side" and give up on what is "right".

Fangz(45) Clarified
1 point

In less than two hundred thousand years we have evolved from apes to space travel and figured out what likely caused the beginning of the universe.

In order for that to be relevant to the conversation at hand, those would have to be things that the average person figured out rather than a relatively few engineers and scientists. Just because a few people happened to make discoveries and inventions doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of humans are retards and probably always will be until this miserable, worthless species finally goes extinct like it deserves to.

You're just a pessimistic

You are the one asserting that things will change for the better as if you are a fortune teller who can read the future. Optimism may be more appealing but that doesn't make it more realistic. In fact, its quite the opposite because as long as we are forced to live in this accursed reality wherein anything that can go wrong eventually will and nothing good will last forever, everything is bound to experience decline and eventually utter decimation, including the human species.

Fangz(45) Clarified
1 point

The further the human race evolves, the better people will begin to understand the reasons for their own strife.

There is no reason to think the human race will evolve enough for what you're talking about to happen. In fact, the average person has remained just as stupid despite all the progress we've made technologically. There is a greater chance that the exact opposite of what you're saying will happen, because the more complex things become the more the average human will be left behind. If there is any change, it will probably be a negative one. By the time the average human is ready to understand the problems with capitalism the brain chips will already be in and your DNA will already be owned by some corporation.

1 point

How many times do I have to just let all your asses up in on the fact that I'm sick

if you think that I'm just chattin' up shit then you'll get your cranium bashed with a brick

people are telling me that I should quit, and I tell them they should eat a packet of dicks

I put the rap to the "id" cause' I'm fast when I spit and you just put the half to the wit

people think that I'm just mad at the rich cause' I'm lackin' what it takes to stack up the chips

thats not accurate, bitch

I'm meritocratic as shit

thats exactly why I'm not a capitalist

and if you think your ass is equipped for debate your ass will get kicked

I am antagonistic, I might spaz and attack you dipshits

I might slap your misses

kick her in the cunt then grab her big tits

I didn't think she would be that submissive

she took my shaft and licked it

asked if this bitch liked the taste, she was like "yeah delicious"

but when it was my turn to eat her out, I said her pussy smelled like a bag of fish sticks

1 point

I've had a bad case of the shits today. If I were you, I would avoid becoming my toilet.

If I kill you and eat you, then I will be shitting you out rather than getting shit on.

1 point

I have the right to own a nuclear bomb, a machine gun, or a death star

I wish I had all those things. I also want a lightsaber and an antimatter bomb.

1 point

Your hatred and anger towards anything you see as irrational is emotionally-derived rather than derived rationally.

Shut up you greasy unwashed cunt hole. I am going to kill and eat you.

1 point

Long time no see FM :)

Ugh, not you again. You have an irritating habit of quitting things forever temporarily.

1 point

Thats a cool story, and I mean that genuinely in a non-sarcastic way. There is only one problem though, that being that Hitler did not kill himself. Hitler was killed off by the Illuminati and assassinated. The reason is because if he was subjected to interrogation he might reveal secrets of higher powers that only the highest power elites know of. He was a rogue turncoat who turned on the zionist Illuminati and created his own branch of the Illuminati, and came into contact with the alien creator gods including Lucifer (who created and designed humanity in a lab)

1 point

Your sole reason for using this site is to make yourself feel superior to others. When actual intelligent people try to debate you, you ignore them or make things up by abusing your English degree and using your knowledge of English to play with how people word things and derive unintended implications which you can attack as a strawman.

Winning Position: I have an intense burning hatred for all that exists, what would be your advice to me?

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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