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RSS Fardarmist

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1 point

You can't blame your self for your fathers doing, I don't know your family condition's maybe he was doing it because it was the only way he knew. I couldn't say too much but kids failing on their parents? I can see this in a way, from what I know of my father and his kids, they are very unruling and don't listen much. I think they really need a wake up call I wish I had a dad to be there for me. They had both their parents their entire life that took care of them and I had only my mother that I had to take care of my entire life. I've always thought children like that needed more discipline but maybe they just need more love. Maybe they feel they aren't really loved by their parents for some reason. Which coming from me seems surprising when it feels like I got love from neither of my parents. Everyone only has one life though they can't possibly see things like I do through my life.

1 point

What makes you say that? You can say any number to me but you've given me no proof to back that up.

1 point

We are the only race of intelligent life that we know about. We aren't perfect, we have a lot of faults but we make it by and we make amazing things. Our minds are our greatest asset otherwise we'd be just animals. Our minds progressed and with it technology too. We can be greedy and capitalist sometimes, others we don't get along and fight ourselves but we are still here and remain the most intelligent species.

1 point

We have to many being in jail and prison as it is and it's costing a lot, these people have murder others. They knew what they did and it's time to pay the price instead of them wasting money so they can live until they die.

1 point

Oh sure why not just take all the nutrients out of my diet. I'd rather stick to the natural stuff. In America we take out to many nutrients for cheaper by-products just to make more money.

1 point

This is rather unclear but under any circumstance I would say no. If the mother was in prison for one reason or another she should be fulfilling her duty for her crime. If the child was in prison the same goes for them. If you really believe the child should be with their mother in prison, with other inmates, that an issue. Children should not be exposed to that, the child should live with a relative or go into foster care.

1 point

I think breast feeding is alright just can't there be a better place than in public? It can be very distracting to other people and families. I understand that sometimes the baby needs food now and maybe some mothers are just completely against using a bottle under any circumstance. in that case I would think you could find some private place to do that at least.

3 points

I'm not even going to go into what the constitution says. We all have lives we want to keep, weather it's ours or someone else's. Having a gun as a weapon is what keeps us safe. Yes there are people who have them who do bad. Even if you make guns illegal do you think no civilian will get one? Some drugs are illegal yet people still use them. Making guns illegal to the public won't change anything. Actually it will make things worse because the people with good intentions with them won't be able to have them when they need them.

1 point

I can understand that but even so with me I just have difficulty ever seeing them. It's simply because the relationship ended, to me that makes it a mistake that's now a part of my life.

1 point

I can understand that but think about if you were with someone for 5 years and all of sudden they break your heart. that's a pretty big ouch, I'd say being friends after a relationship only works for some people.

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