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RSS Farkus

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I'm going to take a lighter to your nipples until you are no longer able to produce milk.

1 point

Net neutrality is when the fish nets refuse to catch any fish because of animal rights.

1 point

The animals are doing really well right now and the deer are looting the stores.

1 point

Yes, and the same goes for this Irish stupidity.

Your shamrock avatar is Irish stupidity, and you are British stupidity. You also want to depants Greta Thunberg and have your way with her.

1 point

I'm going to boil you in milk and put you on a plate to dry out for consumption.

1 point

Absolutely that's what he is suggesting. He wants his children to be forced to mate and breed 3 eyed babies.

1 point

Greta Thunberg is kinda hot don't you think? I wouldn't mind pinning her down for a depantsing.

1 point

I'm going to go to a Swiss person and learn how to turn you into Swiss cheese on top of fry bread you liitle vixon you.

1 point

That was the Russians doing future tech tests on Americans to tweek their weapons' abilities.

1 point

Anything you do around a synagogue would be suspect.. You hate Jews.. You've threatened me with your Glock...

You threatened me with your Jewish, Capitalist privilege.

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