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RSS FatCommunist

Reward Points:15
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0 points

its a cleely from the chimpamzee M8. how can yours denied these? you are an unseyyanteefic boot plugg of the anl psincyer.

0 points

I just destroyed your argument. You're welcome

Why is it wrong to kill someone in their sleep? It's because they are a sentient being. It takes time before a fetus becomes a sentient being, therefore if you get an abortion early enough you won't be killing a sentient human being. There is a difference between a sentient being that is asleep and a developing fetus that doesn't even have a fucking nervous system yet.

You are a primitive AI bot designed to manufacture targeted ads.

You DON'T have the right to make decisions for me.

You don't get it, I am not trying to dictate anything to you, I am merely trying to get you to think. You are too concerned with the concept of "personal beliefs" as opposed to "objective truth".

0 points

I decide what I am, not you.

Reality decides, not you or me.

Stop being a self entitled leftist.

Am I entitled because I state facts? Even if they were opinions, I would still have a right to them.

FatCommunist(15) Clarified
0 points

I have had surgery before, and when I was under, was not sentient

You were not conscious, but you were still a sentient being.

If you are going to say my beliefs are false, you should have to prove it

If you are going to have beliefs, you should make sure there is at least some evidence or logic behind them. You are the one believing things based on cheesy bible verses that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

0 points

You don't have the right to dictate what I was

Maybe not, but I do have the right to state the fact of what you were.

-1 points

Yes I was. I voted Democrat

You may have voted for the party, but you did not agree with or understand what differentiates it from the Republicans.

0 points

When you become sentient, which doesn't happen until well after the first 3 months of gestation.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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