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RSS FerretHole

Reward Points:155
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Mingiwuwu will bust Nom's sorry ass if Nom even so much as twitches one of his grubby little fingers in the direction of the Wuwu. The Wuwu shall inject his venom without mercy into Nom's sorry little balls.

FerretHole(155) Clarified
1 point

nobody can match my workin' load

every minute a verse explodes

my pens so fertile, they had to put it on birth control

-K Rino

1 point

Anthony Wiener is a Jew too.. Does that mean I should send my friends dick pics???

Anything you do is justified if you are a Jew. This logically follows from your own belief that being a Jew justifies being racist and genocidal, and nothing is much worse than that.

1 point

I already explained why each of those statements are retarded and merely prove you to be a piece of shit.

1 point

Do guys gather around in large groups and check each other out?

Yes. One time me and all my male friends gathered around in a circle and compared our dicks. I had the second biggest one out of 12 people. My black friend of course was number one.

1 point

Can you please tell me who is talking here - are you the Jew spewing hatred, or the Jew defending the hatred? You must know it would be impossible to be a 'racist' against a religious sect or an ethnic group, yes? Germans do not deserve to be hated because of the PAST, Jews are NOT "superior", in fact there is no such thing as a superior human. Where did your rant come from? Who are you?

You are 100% correct, Excon is the racist hypocrite who thinks being Jewish gives him a licence to whine like a little baby about being "hated" while openly declaring that he hates all Germans, even though all I did was deny that he is technically Jewish and speak negatively about Judaism as a religion (as I do with all religions because of their inherent irrationality). He also wants to exterminate anyone who espouses Marxism, which is ironically a very Nazi-like point of view.

FerretHole(155) Clarified
2 points

You are not at all wrong about this site, it is one of the most congested gutters of the internet. It is clogged with the chemical waste produced by it's members. Everyone here pretty much thinks they're the only intelligent person here, and has given up on trying to "reason" with their opponents. We are a closed community of trolls and angry sociopaths who wish we could just kill each other IRL and get it over with but instead we just talk shit on the internet.

I am by no means an exception to this. You are wrong about one thing though, "everyone of substance" has not been ousted because there never was anyone "of substance".

1 point

You have finally made something that resembles music. At least that's a start.

2 points

Your madness is an objective fact, as I have already explained once.

You need to appreciate the wuwu and be more understanding. What is insane at face value often has unseen logic behind it.

FerretHole(155) Clarified
1 point

Have a guess what I'm remixing at the moment

I haven't the slightest clue. It could be anything for all I know.

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Winning Position: this is the most lyrical fucking shit you will ever hear in your god damn life
Winning Position: The hypocrisy of Excon is objective and undeniable
Winning Position: Hate
Tied Positions: Excon vs. FM
Winning Position: Excon is objectively and undeniably a piece of shit hypocrite whose life has 0 value
Winning Position: Which is more hateful, disagreeing with someone or wanting to kill them?
Winning Position: Who has the smallest penis on CD

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