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RSS FerretHole

Reward Points:115
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1 point

And you, like the 12 year old you are, are actually impressed.

I didn't say I was impressed. I asked him how he did it, You are the twelve year old looking for any excuse to insult me whether it is warranted or not.

FerretHole(115) Clarified
1 point

Trust me, it is immoral. Even adults who get sex changes change their mind a lot of the time. It is literally wrong to let a kid make that decision before they are old enough to understand it's full implications (which many adults aren't even capable of understanding) and it is even more wrong to let a doctor or parent make the decisions for them, nevermind Tom Dick and Mary (whoever they are).

0 points

How did you do that? When I click on the plus sign to look at Nom's argument it redirects me to an image of a bible quote.

0 points

It is impossible to be saved no matter what because religion is a lie. There is no soul and there is no choice other than to face nothingness upon your death unless you accept the mark of the beast and resort to transhumanism.

FerretHole(115) Clarified
0 points

I won't deny the validty of your statment, but maybe you both, are misunderstanding, each other?

Nah, the last 5 times I tried to debate him he blatantly, intentionally misrepresented my statements and then ignored me. The literal only reason he comes here is to try and make himself appear intelligent and others appear stupid, along with targeting specific individuals and attempting to harm them emotionally as much as he can while appearing like the good guy to everyone else. He is an insecure narcissist who can only feel good by bringing others down to his level, and while he often targets people who deserve it thus creating the illusion of him being a functional human being it is when he is forced to resort to dishonesty to avoid admitting something that his true colors are shown. I have literally seen him go to insane lengths to avoid admitting that he is wrong about something, it is truly pathological. I was cool with him for like a year but when I disagreed with him about one thing he literally snapped on me like a nutcase and ever since he has been lying, insulting and ignoring his way through every interaction with me.

FerretHole(115) Clarified
1 point

Please clarify, why you said that.

He said it because he was trying to think of the meanest possible thing to say, which is what he is doing 90% of the time that he ever puts his fingers to the keyboard. He said I "can't take care of myself without my mommy and daddy" and what he bases this assertion on is that I live with my parents. I live with my parents because I don't have any money, because capitalism is not a meritocracy and despite my efforts and superiority there is not a single way I can make money without already having money unless I do what I've been avoiding and become a wage slave. I do not have any money because instead of being a wage slave I have been trying to find ways to make money independently, but literally EVERYTHING requires you to have money in order to make money doing it except for being a wage slave (which often requires money as well). As a socialist he should understand then that the reason I can't live on my own is because it takes money to make money and I wasn't born into privilege, but instead he makes fun of me for not wanting to get a normal job and thus living with my parents because I am not privileged enough to be handed other opportunities.

0 points


So you agree with conservatives that poor people are the parasites instead of the rich, because you are calling me a parasite simply because I can't afford to live alone. You are talking like a capitalist, but you are probably a fascist because people who claim to be socialists but aren't are usually fascists in disguise.

1 point

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yum yum yum my favorite foodz why thank you.

Next time give me the whole nipples though instead of half will ya?

1 point

I am going to pour a bottle of anthrax into your butt hole and let a hermit crab infected with aids pinch your nipples.

1 point

I am going to put all of Drake's albums in a blender and blend them with cough syrup and codeine, then I am going to make all of your students who listen to Drake drink it.

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