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RSS FerretHole

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1 point

I already explained why each of those statements are retarded and merely prove you to be a piece of shit.

1 point

Can you please tell me who is talking here - are you the Jew spewing hatred, or the Jew defending the hatred? You must know it would be impossible to be a 'racist' against a religious sect or an ethnic group, yes? Germans do not deserve to be hated because of the PAST, Jews are NOT "superior", in fact there is no such thing as a superior human. Where did your rant come from? Who are you?

You are 100% correct, Excon is the racist hypocrite who thinks being Jewish gives him a licence to whine like a little baby about being "hated" while openly declaring that he hates all Germans, even though all I did was deny that he is technically Jewish and speak negatively about Judaism as a religion (as I do with all religions because of their inherent irrationality). He also wants to exterminate anyone who espouses Marxism, which is ironically a very Nazi-like point of view.

FerretHole(65) Clarified
2 points

You are not at all wrong about this site, it is one of the most congested gutters of the internet. It is clogged with the chemical waste produced by it's members. Everyone here pretty much thinks they're the only intelligent person here, and has given up on trying to "reason" with their opponents. We are a closed community of trolls and angry sociopaths who wish we could just kill each other IRL and get it over with but instead we just talk shit on the internet.

I am by no means an exception to this. You are wrong about one thing though, "everyone of substance" has not been ousted because there never was anyone "of substance".

FerretHole(65) Clarified
1 point

GTA4 was the best. The worst was GTA3.

Interesting. What is your reasoning?

FerretHole(65) Clarified
1 point

Excon is a more illusive one but I have brought out his true bigotry recently, he admitted to being genocidal towards his political enemies and racist.

1 point

I hate antisemites who claim I'm not Jewish..

The objective fact that you are not a Hebrew and don't practice judaism doesn't make me an antisemite.

Commies are my enemy.. Killing 'em is good. You're a commie.. Killing you would be good.

Capitalists were Stalin's enemy, from his perspective killing them was good. Same thing with Hitler and the Jews. With your logic, both the holocaust and the purge were justified. Why is it okay for an American Jew to be a genocidal maniac but not other groups? If you think I deserve to die for being a "commie" then you are a violent radical, which is exactly what you would call others when the shoe is on the other foot. You are objectively hypocritical, stupid, and dangerous and if I ever saw you in person I would be morally justified in killing you on the spot. I am not the one who claimed you should die for being Jewish, you are the true hater who literally wants to kill your ideological opposition. It is absolutely pathetic that you bitch about other people being "haters" and furthermore you are full of shit when you claim to support free speech given that you want to wipe marxism off the face of the earth.

I'm a Jew.. Of course I hate the Germans. Fuck 'em.

So it is once again established that you are openly and undeniably racist. You feel deep down that you should be allowed to kill people for being communists or germans yet cry like a little bitch if someone merely disagrees with you about what constitutes being a "jew". You are not a victim, you are not the one defending yourself against "haters". You are racist, you are evil, you are human waste and you are so unbelievably stupid that you probably don't understand a word I'm saying.

If you don't think I'm a Jew, why would my saying that Jews are superior bother you?

Because it is no less racist and EVEN MORE ignorant and stupid that way.

2 points

The fact that you self-evidently don't have the first clue about music.

Shut up Nom, you don't get to sit there and give music theory the middle finger every time you make an out of tune, incoherent, uninspired track and then claim to have more of a "clue" than anyone else.

universally agreed upon classics of pop

If anything, that just makes it very difficult to take seriously as legitimate art. If you were a real artist such as myself you'd understand why. Anything which can be called "pop" is "shallow" almost by definition and no amount of awards or popularity makes one piece better than another, quite the opposite in fact. Almost everything which is popular is shallow and designed for mass consumption rather than genuine artistic expression.

1 point

You are such a waste of time to debate, you constantly say things that suggest you think they are freaks and abominations yet can't own up to it. You literally just said they are unnatural and abnormal and shouldn't be allowed into congressional hearings.

0 points

Then why do you make excuses for Excon, who openly wants to commit genocide while siding with him in labeling those he wants to murder "haters" just for disagreeing with him?

0 points


Everything that exists in nature (i.e everything) is natural.


Abnormal doesn't mean "bad" and normal doesn't mean "good". You are using weak, arbitrary words to justify labeling people as freaks and abominations.

now we see law enforcement witnessing a drag queen at Congressional hearings, and doing nothing!

So you want to have people kicked out of congressional hearings for being transgender. How is that not discrimination? You are a bigoted, foolish hypocrite.

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