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RSS FloorBreaker

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Thanks Gary, I've participated in a bunch of workshops pertaining to this whole conflict. Especially from a high schooler pov, this stuff gets my attention! Yes, I'll check him out, glad you liked the vid too!

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The major revolutions in the past started the same way Occupy Wall Street did. The only difference, is that today, we have technology, and communication. More people are informed. My teacher tells me, "The government's greatest weakness is an informed public." The government's corruption is being exposed. You can't necessarily say that you enjoy this economic struggle we're going through right now. This uneven distribution of wealth is very ridiculous, and people are out there because they want to make change. It's better than doing nothing and sitting at home criticizing at people who are trying. We are the people. The government's duty is to make sure our rights are being protected, according to John Locke's Social Contract Theory. If there's something we don't like that the government's doing that's threatening those rights of ours, then we, the people, have the absolute power to throw out this corrupted government and issue one that actually does make us all happy. Therefore, Occupy Wall street is not only the start of another major revolution in America- the revolution's already begun. And also, the real idiots are the ones who sit and do NOTHING.

Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said
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