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RSS Floxu

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Floxu(56) Clarified
1 point

No, yet that's how the Nazi party and some people of Germany were thinking after they lost the Great war/first world war. Same with Italy and the right-wing fascist party of theirs. I can see that Trump was following the slogan of the Nazi party. So I can see he sympathises with the right fascistic Italy and Nazi Germany.

Floxu(56) Clarified
1 point

I know both creates propaganda. Never said only the left did. And I don't watch right wing news, nor left wing news, that's why I created this debate.

1 point

Ohh. I see. So that was what he was replicating.. Well, I kind of see why people would call him a fascist.

Floxu(56) Clarified
1 point

What has he done? I haven't followed, so please, fill me in on that. His slogan seems innocent enough. The US was great after the second world war, at least in Scandinavian eyes.

Floxu(56) Clarified
1 point

I'm sorry, I meant most of what Bronto would've quoted if he would've done so.

Floxu(56) Clarified
1 point

Ahahahahahaha! Are you admitting that you somehow interpreted the above to mean:-

It's not my problem whether someone's intolerant or tolerant to something. I just quoted most of it. I don't agree with the study itself as most I've met, socialist and Liberal were tolerant. I don't think Liberal students are more intolerant than conservatives, as they are both intolerant and tolerant. It depends on the people. You could be an intolerant person, so what? I would just have to respect that and not use it against you. You could also be tolerant, which wouldn't make much difference.

Lmfao. You fucking stupid Nazi wannabe.

So you're one to like using the word Nazi also? How often do you use it?

Your bizarrely stupid efforts at propaganda would make Goebbels bow his head in shame.

I'm sure he would. I'm not here to spew propaganda of Nazism, as it would be stupid as a Norwegian to support the party which invaded my home country during the second world war and killed around 9500 people, 5800 of them being civilians and 700 of them, Jews. Of course, some fought for the Germans, but they were traitors. Now, enough for this history. In conclusion, I do not support the Nazis, nor will I ever, if anything I would support the Russians who helped us free a portion of our country so we could fight back.

1 point

While 61 percent of independents and 69 percent of Republicans said they would be comfortable with a roommate of opposing political views, only 39 percent of Democrats said so. Few independents (16 percent) and Republicans (12 percent) said they would be uncomfortable. Because of small sample size issues, the difference between the percentage of Democrats who said they were comfortable and the percentage who said uncomfortable was not statistically significant. Even if you're banned, here you go, hopefully you can at least read if you're banned.

Supporting Evidence: The Dartmouth study (
Floxu(56) Clarified
1 point

Venezuela is a piece of rock you moron. It didn't declare anything. The government claimed it was socialist. The Nazis also claimed to be socialists. So does the Chinese government

Well, claiming and declaring is pretty much the same as they're synonyms. Socialists did see Venezuela as socialist as a socialist country before it got corrupted and the government stole the people's money and such things.

Now, Venezuela is a country, while the borders it owns is on a rock. We see governments, the people and the borders as a country rather than the rock and dirt it's on, as it only owns the land. Plus I didn't say any of them were socialist, but I said that socialists didn't see them as socialist.

Does that mean I saw them as socialist myself? No.

I also said the outcome was much different from what those sought to achieve. The theoretical socialism is what socialists see as the real socialism, while the Stalinist regimes' and Nazi Germany's failed attempts at socialism aren't seen as socialist, which of course they aren't because of the corruption in those countries.

1 point

May you give me something fascist he has done, and/or said? The word fascist and Nazi has become a less effective as most Europeans and Americans have called each other such.

0 points

In Scandinavia we have the system of social democracy. So yes it means we are not socialist, even if we use some socialist ideas and capitalist ones.

However, Venezuela declared itself as socialist, and was considered socialist until the government turned bad and stole people's money and collapsed on itself. As I've seen, Socialists and communists only see the theoretical Socialism as true Socialism; while the applied Socialism with Venezuela, The people's republic of China, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and Cuba aren't seen as Socialist because they turned different from the Theoretical Socialism they sought to achieve.


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