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RSS Fluffycats

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However, new technology may worsen people's live quality of lives under the aspect of health. The introduction of technologies have made surgeries, transplants, treatment for once terminal illnesses and supplements to boost the immune system possible, however the hoped outcome of improvement to health and quality of the peoples' lives has many harmful side effects physically and psychologically on the people instead. With an opposite outcome of harmful side effects on the people physically and psychologically sometimes endangering the peoples lives. Harmful side effects include, discrimination and unhappiness due to religions, morales and societal norms that are challenged by such modern technologies attempts to improve health. Diseases, rejection of tissue and even death are also some alarming effects due to this attempt to improve health with biotechnology and engineering of other equipment. With poor health, people are unable to perform daily tasks and work, hindering the luxury of watching television, indulging in unhealthy fast food and more. This loss of health hence causes the loss of quality of life of people and all due to the harmful side effects caused by such new technology. An example of this is the qualms about transplants that include organ transplant like hearts and even faeces. The pumps for the heart and other technology making this heart transplant was seen to be ethically wrong as is perceived to be an attempt to play god. This has caused much unhappiness and a break in the social fabric and cohesion of today's society. Other ...

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