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1 point

I am not completely against women being ordained to the priesthood. With that said I do believe that it is not up to us to dictate if women should hold the priesthood or not. The church has made it very clear how revered women are in the LDS faith and how loved they are by our Heavenly Father. Why do we as women want more? Men cannot enter the relief society session of conference so why should we be allowed to enter the priesthood session? We can still watch it on the television and read it later. Why take seats from men who hold the priesthood? Also, who makes the commandments in the church? Who makes the rules? Is it the prophet and other leaders of the church? No, it is God. He is the only one who can give priesthood to women. God does not work on our time line, so even if he will give us the power of the priesthood eventually it is not now. No, as of now, women should not be given the keys of the priesthood.

1 point

I'm not sure how I feel about this argument. I do think that most books written today are shallow and without depth, but not all of them are that way.

1 point

How are we Lutheran? I don't understand why you would put us in parenthasis beside the lutherans, I have no problemwith Lutherans but...I am really confused.

1 point

We are not polytheistic. We believe in one God and one God only, and his Son Jesus Christ who bought us with his blood throught the atonement. How does our beleif contradict the Bible? show me the verses and I can garentee that I will be able to dispute it. The Golden Plates are not on earth and were not found in Mexico but in Palmira New York and the Urum and Thumum was taken with the Plates by the Angel so that evil men could not corupt it's words (which already happened once before due to a bad judgment by Joseph Smith). What do you mean Christains in the traditional sense, we believe Christ is our Savior and suffered for our can you get more traditional? That is exactly what defined a Christian when Christian's were first on earth.

1 point

Yes, we do believe that we have the chance to become like God when we are taken to paridise, or Heaven, to live with him again. The differance between our belief that we might become God's or Goddesses and what Santin did is this. Lucifer wanted ALL power for himself, the glory would never be God's ,but his. This is why he was cast out. He wanted to be all powerful, make God kneel before him and take away everyone's right too choose, make everyone return to God and never make mistakes. But we are here to learn and grow, how would we learn without the choice between good and evil? I know that many people believe that we control our children and take away all agency from our people, but that is not true. Yes there are parents who 'make' their children go to church, my family tried that with my sister, but that is not the true message of our Church. That is parents trying to protect their children and bring them up in what they beleive to be true. We cannot 'make' anyone do anything, in the end it is always their choice and maybe like my sister they will choose to leave or maybe they will stay and truely let the spirit lighten their hearts and teach them. Anyway back to my point, we are different from what the devil did because we followed God's path for us and let him lead us and prepair us to become Gods and Goddesses, we are his children after all, why would we not have the chance to become as he is?

1 point

What do you mean it is what you think about Jesus that makes you Christian. We believe that Christ is our Savior, the only begotton of the Father, just like every other Christian religion. So what exactly makes us not Christian? Our name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for crying out loud? What more could we do you need?

1 point

It says in several places in the Bible that the Bible should not be added too, and then it goes to another book so how is the Book of Mormon any different from those books that were written after that statement? I do not know who told you that we believe that Christ was not born of a virgin, whoeve told you that was lieing. We do beleive he was born of Virgin Mary.

1 point

Not true. Have you ever read the Book of Mormon? It is not all about Joseph Smith. Yes he is a beloved Prophet and leader to us, but he is not the cornerstone of our religion. Christ, his teachings, and his example are. If you were to read 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon you would see that his teachings are what guide us.

1 point

At one point in time we did practice poligomy, but we do not anymore. If you were to really look at the bible you would see several instances of when prophets and other men were married to more than one woman. So how is that any different from now? As I said above, we do not alow men to marry more than one woman now and so we do not have, 'millions of wives' to go home to.

1 point

I don't know where you got this information but we do believe Christ is God. We are Christians in ever sense of the word. The first artical of faith in our religion states, "We beleive in God the eternal father and in his Son, Jesus Christ." He is our savior and our God.

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