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1 point

Look, those miracles of Moses opening the Red Sea and Jesus walking on water was documented few hundreds years ago when people didn't even know what is gravity. And if you can travel in time machine and shoot them with a gun, the act would be recorded as an act of miracle by the future generation. That is, if they can avoid exaggerating, which is what all historians are prone to.

0 points

Look, how long has this been argued? God, in my opinion, like the number I in math, is simply an figment of imagination in humans to explain the unexplainable or to simply derive comfort that someone is out there to look after us. Which is kind of feeble considering all the sins in the world. And if there was a god, or at the very least a creator, would he even bother whether it was being worshiped or not?

4 points

Look, how much does it take right now to send a probe to mars? How much did the ISS take? Millions if not billions. Instead of chucking stuff that fails half the time, why not spend the money in developing an economically viable engine or reducing green house gas emissions?

1 point

Females ask for equality in right so in truth, females should be treated as equals and be punched if they deserved it.

1 point

It is actually impossible because in the and, the thing or person that drank it would have to piss.

1 point

Wow. Then can you tell me that 1/2 is not 0.5 and 0.5 multiplied by 2 is not 1? How about 1/8 multiplied by 8?

2 points

Let me tell you a better saying: Science is lame without maths and Einstein is lame with everything.

1 point

Yah and the Nazis try to stop you freeing the Jews violently and you try to stop them from stopping you violently and... you get the idea.

2 points

As our most dependent fuel oil is running out within possibly this century. Humanity is facing risk of using one of the most potentially dangerous energy ,nuclear. Cases of nuclear failure such as chernobyle and pennsylvenia have proved that it is disruptive force capable of ruinning our enviroment but they also proved that the nature is very much capable of recovering in quite short time. Leading developed nations like that of France and UK is now working on a fail prove method to insure safety while at the same time already making use of it. With progress of nuclear developments across the Atlantic it is time America, China and other industrial nations to ditch chernobyle's nigtmare and take positive views on one of the greenest energy man has ever discovered.

-1 points

Well, if you think violence is only justified in self defense a person who killed a police trying to stop him might as well say that he did so because the police was trying to shoot him.

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